What really is the force of sacrifice?

What really is the force of sacrifice? 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Appreciated readers:

I approach you through this means to try to make us understand:


Because of the deterioration of our psyche, caused by our various psychological aggregates,the current human race has reached such a point of confusion that we do not even grasp the TRUE SENSE OF WHAT WE CALL SACRIFICE.

With regard to the dissemination of our teachings by our DIFFUSERS in our world, a true ENTROPY has been installed in this matter that seeks to change the profound meaning of what should be a TRUE SACRIFICE.

In Tibet, the monks adhering to Lamaism and Buddhism, since the beginning of their apostolate, abandon all kinds of comforts, all kinds of ultra-modern clothes, all forms of accumulation of money, any search for fame, power, etc., etc., etc., to dedicate themselves exclusively to SEARCH FOR THEIR REAL IDENTITY OR REAL BEING. Everyone in those lands understand this and accept it. They even have an obligation to go with a bowl in their hand to ask their fellow man for a few crumbs of food each day in order to subsist. The rest of the time they spend it on MEDITATING, MANTRALIZING, working in the garden of their monasteries, etc., etc., etc.

Of these monks, many of them, unfortunately, do not have the ARCANUM A.Z.F., because in those latitudes only the very highly advanced Lamas in Buddhism obtain it, but they still make their vows come true and this gives them a lot of MENTAL PEACE and at least they try to lead a RICH INTERIOR LIFE.

Within the Catholic Church there is also a well-known order with the name of THE BAREFOOTED CARMELITES. These monks lead an austere life and walk barefoot all their life, they practice silence and retreat to get away from the hustle and bustle of societies… Unfortunately, these other monks also do not know the MASTER KEY ─namely: the Arcanum A.Z.F.─, but they enjoy exercising charity and preaching REPENTANCE. At least it is something on the spiritual path.

All this without mentioning the poor nuns who SACRIFICE THEIR LIVES BY LOCKING THEMSELVES UP FOR LIFE in a cell that has a window through which food is delivered to them. These nuns, in addition to having renounced married life and having agreed to NEVER SEE THEIR FAMILY OR FRIENDS AGAIN, spend their time in prayer and meditating upon their mistakes.

Certainly, the aforementioned orders could be classified as part of the PATH OF THE MONK and THE PATH OF THE FAKIR, with all its consequences… No one is going to be totally self-realized by living the PATH OF THE MONK OR THE FAKIR…

However, in contrast to those souls we have just mentioned, our teachings give the devotee who wants to become an INSTRUCTOR, man or woman, the MASTER KEY that allows him to truly awaken HIS CONSCIOUSNESS and, therefore, to enter into the true spiritual world corresponding, not only to this three-dimensional physical world in which we live, but also to the other dimensions of space. Certainly, with the supreme key of the Arcanum A.Z.F. and with the instructions to DIE IN THEMSELVES AND TO SACRIFICE FOR HUMANITY – giving food to the hungry, drink to the thirsty, teaching the one who does not know, etc., etc., etc., these instructors can indeed escape the Wheel of Samsara and approach their REAL INNER BEING.

And what about those Catholic missionaries who went to take their doctrines when America was still a continent to be discovered, in the north as well as in the south? All these souls suffered persecutions from the indigenous, others died of diseases that were unknown in those times and they never returned to their original homes… Many of them are still in Africa trying to comfort the hungry and sick Africans forgotten by this civilization. Does this have merit? Obviously it does…

We, the so-called Gnostics, connoisseurs of the three factors of the Revolution of Consciousness, do not have the needs that the apostles of Christ had; many of us do our mission because we have a bank account that protects or supports us, we have cars, we would see our families if we wanted to do so ─although now these are times of pandemic─ we make air travels, we have real estate, we buy delicious dishes if we are hungry, etc., etc., etc., if we get sick we can go to APPROPRIATE hospitals to treat our diseases…

How did the Apostles of the V.M. Aberamentho end their lives? Some were beheaded, others sawn into two parts, others died upon an X-shaped cross, as was the case of Andrew, and so on, dear friends.

Providence has allowed us to have a fund to assist our instructors in many parts of the world. And yet many of them make ridiculous complaints, namely:

  1. “I’m sad, I have a lot of moral grief because the boy I loved hasn’t reciprocated me! I need to leave the mission for a while.” Is this sacrifice?
  2. “I don’t like where I’m doing a mission! Can you give me another place of mission?” Is this sacrifice?
  3. “I can’t stand my mission partners, can you give me another mission?” That is called MECHANICAL ANTIPATHY. Is this sacrifice?
  4. “I need a man, or a woman, to self-realize! Can you send me a partner?” That is called WEAKNESS and lack of faith in the Father. Is there sacrifice here?
  5. “I haven’t seen my parents in a while and I miss them so much! Can I leave the mission and go see them?” That is called unhealthy ATTACHMENTS. Is there sacrifice here?
  6. “I have finished my studies, now I am a professional and the profession demands a lot from me! Can I retire from the mission for a few years?” …

We could list a series of IDIOCIES that many of our so-called SOLDIERS OF THE WORLD SALVATION ARMY suffer from, but we prefer that everyone draw their conclusions and remember their COMMITMENTS TO THE WHITE BROTHERHOOD, commitments that we acquired one day and that we said we would keep for ALL OUR LIVES because, supposedly, we loved the Father… What became of all that?

When the V.M. Samael set out to teach the SECRET PATH to humanity he crossed countries on foot, he went through a great deal of hunger and there were no contacts that could help him! And thus was founded what we call today the contemporary Gnosticism. Obviously, all those sacrifices that our Avatar suffered were paid with the INTEGRATION OF HIS BEING, because God is a good payer, LET US NEVER FORGET THAT!…

So, dear reader, let us meditate deeply on that word, SACRIFICE, because it is linked to another which in phonetic Kabbalah means SACRO-OFFICE. Are we really dedicated to that SACRO-OFFICE OR ARE WE PERHAPS PLAYING WITH GNOSIS?

I now leave you a few sentences for our reflection:

“Voluntary sacrifice with full awareness and free from all coercion, the sacrifice of oneself for the good of all, is for me the index of a greater development of one’s personality, of superiority, of complete self-control, of greater free will.”

“Fear is natural in the prudent being, and knowing how to overcome it is to be courageous.”
Alonso de Ercilla

“Christian courage is to disdain death, Chinese courage is to disdain life.”
G. K. Chesterton

“True courage does not seek dangers, it faces them”.

“There are afflictions in which we find no comfort in anyone and in which a strong heart can resort only to its own strength.”

‘This is how this terrible storm is appeased’.
Kwen Khan Khu