Numerología de la naturaleza, Karl Von Eckartshausen

Numerology of Nature

Numerology of Nature 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Highly esteemed readers:

I send you this beautiful engraving that appears on the frontispiece of a work called…


Numerology of Nature, Karl Von Eckartshausen
Numerology of Nature, Karl Von Eckartshausen

First of all, let us say that this engraving was the work of Karl Von Eckartshausen, who lived between 1752 and 1803. The artist was a prolific German writer, mystic, philosopher and theosophist. He profoundly influenced occultism in Germany, England and France. Among his best-known works are: God is the purest love ─Gott ist die reinte liebe, 1790─ and The cloud upon the sanctuary ─Diewolke über dem heiligtum, 1802─, a work that received a high status in the hermetic orderGolden Dawn.

Eckartshausen is also linked to the order of the Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupt, which he joined at one point, but he withdrew his membership shortly after discovering that this order only recognized enlightenment through human reason.

Through Gnosis we today know that the order of the Golden Dawn accommodated the black magician Aleister Crowley; however, our artist, Eckartshausen, did not live in those times.

Entering the description of this engraving, the first thing we observe is a sun that sends its radiations through space forming categories of light that, in turn, are subdivided and numbered from No. 1 to No. 10. Those radiations, patient reader, allude to the Ten Sephiroth of the Kabbalah, which form the cosmos in an orderly manner. It must be understood that the sun we refer to is the Sacred Absolute Sun.

Numerology of Nature

Next, on the right side of this engraving we find a creature that we do not know if it is a man or a woman, but that we do know represents the Demiurges of Gnosis, or divine hierarchies that act as rectors of creation in the different kingdoms of it. That is why we see it channeling the sun’s rays in this or that direction. Likewise, this solar hierarchy has a compass in one of its hands, and with it it is taking measurements of an infant or child, who acts as the human souls that are going to settle on the cosmic stage and will be governed by the directives of the sacred individuals or Elohim.

After the subdivisions of the sun’s rays we see, below, a semisphere, representative of our world, the place in which the appearance of three-dimensional life will take place once crystallized.

Numerology of Nature

Later, after a page of this treatise full of words in the German language, we observe creatures of the animal kingdom, from the most inferior –pigs– to the most evolved –such as the horse–, and then a creature that looks like a mixture of animal and human, as if to tell us that the divine plan of manifestation of life is already underway.

In the background of this other image we see a rainbow as a symbol of the alliance between the human and the divine.

Numerology of Nature

There is a sentence written in Latin that reads Bruta non numerant and which has to be translated as ‘Stupid things do not pay’, which means that what does not reach the objective reason of the BEING will not bear any valuable fruit.

I send you, esteemed readers, some sentences that I consider deserve our attention:

“Wisdom is nothing but the science of happiness.”

“Doctrine is proud of knowing things; wisdom is humble for not knowing more.”

“If we do not plant the tree of wisdom when we are young, it will not be able to lend us its shade in old age.”
Lord Chesterfield

“Thinking and acting, acting and thinking, is the sum of all wisdom.”

“The wise remember the past, enjoy the present and guard against the future.”

─’The end crowns the work’─.