Rosa mìstica, Thomas Scheffler

Mystic rose

Mystic rose 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dearest companions:

I send you some comments about a beautiful engraving attributed to Thomas Scheffler ─1699-1756─. The title of this engraving is…


Mystic rose

In it we can see a monk ─Initiate─ lying on a symbolic stone and having near him a rosary and a book. The book –we have already said it many times– symbolizes the Mercury of the sages. The rosary reminds us of the processes of our intimate Christ.

We can also observe that from the mouth of the Adept springs a rose bush that, likewise, holds the feminine aspect of God ─Stella Maris─ upon a rose, carrying in her arms the child ─Christ or the intimate Christ as an infant─.

This engraving shows us the intimate relationship between the WORD and THE MYSTERIES. Gnostically speaking, we must emphasize that we cannot advance on the Secret Path if we have not achieved control of the word and the verb in general.

On the other hand, we must remember that the verb and sex are the two poles of the same day, as V.M. Samael Aun Weor has told us in his wise doctrine. Let us always remember that the word creates for good or for evil, and that will depend on how we use our verb.

Equally interesting is to understand that the intimate Christ completes his process in our intimacy when He Himself becomes the incarnation of the word to explain the mysteries of the Kingdom of the Most High to the multitudes.

It is unquestionable, friends, that if there is no scientific chastity –transmutation of our sexual secretions– we can never make the mystery that surrounds our Divine Lady flourish in us. SCIENTIFIC CHASTITY should never be confused with the monastic life of sexual abstainers, that is something else and goes against Nature.

Since the rose is the queen of flowers, it is not strange that it is associated with the mysteries of conscious love. This is the secret reason why our Divine Mother Kundalini is sitting on a ROSE. Unquestionably, anyone who is knowing and living the mysteries of the Real Path, needs to reach the incarnation of the Word and the incarnation of true love, pointed out here by God Mother.

This engraving is accompanied by some Latin phrases that I write below and that are part of the description of this image. Let us see:

Anagr.: 26 Mysta ais Cor
Veris odora seges valeat ROSA MYSTICA floret’.


‘MYSTIC ROSE, anagram 26 [Thou] Initiate says:
Suppose the perfumed harvest of spring is vigorous, [then] the MYSTIC ROSE blooms…’.

This phrase refers to the fact that, if our inner work of mystical death and Second Birth has been good in the eyes of the BEING, then our rose —our soul and the self-conscious parts of our BEING— will bloom.

Next, the author of the engraving bequeathed us another phrase, also in Latin. Let us see:

«… Cujus odor nostro CORDI, animoque sapit’


‘… Whose perfume is pleasing to our heart.’

We must understand that harvest refers to the “reaping” that we manage to obtain through vigorous work ON OURSELVES. In this case we will be impregnated with the perfumes of love that will have to envelop us and it will enrich our Spirit.

Next, the artist gives us a new hermetic phrase, namely:

«MYSTA AIT: haec MARIANA ROSA est altaria nostra, Cordis odore replens, si una, quid Hoertus aget».


‘The Initiate says: This MARIAN ROSE is our altar, filling with the perfume of the heart. If a [Rose] does this, what would a garden do?’

Undoubtedly, a virtue –whatever it may be– already emanates its perfume, and if we manage to activate them all then it is clear that our spiritual, animic and psychic life will be a garden. It is important to point out that the virtues are the altar of God Mother and from that altar springs the fragrance that accompanies Her. Only united to the BEING and his virtues and living with Stella Maris incarnated in our heart, WILL WE BE FULLY HAPPY AND KNOW ETERNAL LIFE. In the world there have been people who lived trying to remain in holiness all their lives. When they died, their bodies or corpses smelled of roses.

I am now pleased to add a few words of the V.M. Samael collected in his work GNOSTIC PRAISE OF THE ETERNAL FEMININE, chap. 15:

“God has no figure. God is coessential with the Absolute Abstract Space. God is that…, that…, that…

God has two aspects: Wisdom, Love. God as Wisdom is Father. God as Love is Mother.

Christ is the son of God. Christ is not an individual, Christ is an army, Christ is the Army of the Voice, the Word.

Before the aurora of the new Cosmic Day dawned, the Father, the Mother and the Son were One, that…, that…, that…

God as Father resides in the Eye of Wisdom. This eye is located between the two eyebrows.

God as Mother resides in the heart temple.

Wisdom and Love are the two main columns of the great White Lodge.

Within every human being there is a soldier of the Army of the Voice. That is the inner Christ of every man who comes into the world.

The sevenfold man is just the sinful shadow of that soldier of the Army of the Voice.

We need to incarnate the Sun-Man, the inner Christ. The Divine Mother helps us. “Ask and it will be given to you, knock and it will be opened to you.”

God as Love is Isis, to whom no mortal has lifted the veil. Who is it that would dare to lift that terribly divine veil? Woe to the profane and the profaners who dare even touch the veil of Isis!

When the devotee makes his pleas to the Divine Mother, he must be sleepy and immersed in profound inner meditation. The true devotee does not get up from his bed or eat or drink until he receives the answer from the Divine Mother.

The Cosmic Mother has no form but likes to take on some form to answer the supplicant. She can present herself as Isis, Rhea, Cybele, Tonantzin, Mary, etc., etc., etc.

When the Divine Mother has given her answer to the devotee, she disintegrates her form instantly because she does not need it.

The Divine Mother is the second aspect of that and is called “Love.” Love is a substance that is coessential with the very profound Abstract Space.

The Divine Mother is not a woman nor is she any individual. She is only an unknown substance.

Whatever form “That” takes disintegrates moments later. “That” is Love.

God Mother is Love. God Mother adores us, loves us terribly. The Mother Goddess of the world rises through the spinal canal turned into a Serpent of Fire when we work with the Arcanum A.Z.F.

The Mother Goddess of the world is Devi-Kundalini.

The Divine Mother carries her child in her loving arms. The inner Christ of every man is that child. The Mother is that…, that…

That… Isis… Love… Mystery…

The devotee who wants powers must ask the Divine Mother for them. The true devotee humbles himself before God Mother.

If the devotee truly resolves to correct his mistakes and to tread the path of holiness, he can ask the Divine Mother for forgiveness of his past karma and the Divine Mother forgives him. But if the devotee does not correct himself or follow the path of holiness, then it is useless to ask forgiveness from the Divine Mother because She does not forgive him.

The Divine Mother forgives her truly repentant children. She knows how to forgive her children because they are her children.

All the karma of the evil deeds of past reincarnations can be forgiven by the Divine Mother. When repentance is absolute, punishment is unnecessary.”

Now I give you some sentences for reflection:

“The rose would be arrogant if it had not been born among thorns.”
Raimundo Lulio

“Penance mends what was broken due to the faults.”

“Small is the difference between breaking and twisting a commandment.”

“One forgives as much as one loves.”
La Rochefoucauld

“Whoever of you is free from guilt may he throw the first stone.”
Gospel according to Saint John

─‘Concord at home, peace outside of it’─.