The importance of avoiding nefarious recurrences

The importance of avoiding nefarious recurrences 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Esteemed readers:

On this occasion I want to address you to send you some reflections on:


The topic of SCIENTIFIC CHASTITY addressed by Gnosticism takes on, for the seeker of truth, a supreme relevance, because upon spiritual purity rests the true success of our triumph on the Secret Path and of everything concerning the acquisition of the famous PHILOSOPHER’S STONE.

Whatever we supplicate to the divinities or our BEING will always be weighed against the balance of Cosmic Justice based on our degrees of chastity attained. That is the Law… No one is above this rule.

Undoubtedly, we, as humanoids of this Aryan race, drag the chains that we ourselves have earned because of our psychic or spiritual problem, that is, because of the STATE OF SLEEP OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS. Unfortunately, this sleep is caused by the mirage which the “I” or the ten thousand “I’s” that live in our depths create regarding ourselves, all of which is very serious. During our wanderings on Earth this causes connections that we create with various people according to the Law of RECURRENCE, and, unfortunately, most of our RECURRENCES are of an EGOTISTICAL sort and not of a transcendental type.

When we find Gnosis, we feel that a MYSTERIOUS DOOR opens up in our lives, offering us, finally, an escape route from the wheel of suffering that normally keeps the human species submerged in pain. However, we must know that while Gnosis is our universal medicine, it is also necessary to remember that we must wage a battle, day by day, throughout our entire existence, to discover, confront and defeat the iniquitous one that Paul of Tarsus, the Apostle, told us about…

The stumbling block of every Gnostic student and of every person, female or male, interested in REACHING THE BEING will always be SEX. Why? Well, quite simply, because the cause of our departure from the famous earthly paradise –to be understood as: innocent state of the psyche– was nothing more and nothing less than FORNICATION. This is the Pandora’s box that unleashes all subsequent evils during the development of our existences.

While it is true that the path becomes more bearable and easier when accompanied by OUR TWIN SOUL –not to be confused with the spiritual Buddhi– we also know that because of our karmas it is difficult to meet with it, because the Lords of Karma are not willing to allow us to count on that bliss. In such a case, esteemed readers, what is VERY IMPORTANT is to WORK WITHIN OURSELVES, upon our lustful states of diverse types so as to avoid falling into the clutches of THE MALIGNANT RECURRENCES.

One thing that surprised me greatly when I got to know the V.M. Samael Aun Weor personally, was the capacity of his enlightenment, which allowed him to know not only our past lives in a matter of seconds, but also our mistakes in sexuality. As an example of this, in my autobiography I narrate an encounter with the Venerable One in which, suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, he began to ask me:

“And what about that girl? And what happened to the other girl? And that woman called so-and-so?” Etc., etc., etc.

Your servant was dumbstruck and could barely speak, until I began to tell the Master:

“Well, this girl did not love Gnosis, the other girl was super attached to her parents, the other one only wanted sex”, etc., etc. And I added: “Master, the good thing is that with none of those ladies that I met before knowing Gnosis did I ever fornicate” …

After a few minutes the Master spoke to question me:

“Do you know where those women who appeared in your life come from?”


“Yes, Master, I believe that all these ladies are my recurrences in relation to the Order of the Garter! Is that so?”, I asked the Blessed One…

Master Samael’s answer to my question was affirmative, he told me:

That’s right, brother, those ladies are always showing up in your life due to the sexual recurrences that you yourself created with them back in the Garter, unfortunately…..!

It is obvious that if your servant would have united with those ladies, many things in my life would have become TORTUOUS, for it is written: “Every sin shall be forgiven except that which is against the HOLY SPIRIT!”. Let us remember that the Holy Spirit is the very sexual energy itself, the causa causarum of everything created!

On the other hand, patient reader, what would have happened in my present existence if I were to let myself be swept away by those recurrences? Well, simply that my own karma might not have let me know Gnosis, let alone the V.M. Samael, all of which would have been a real disgrace to your servant…

Therefore, dear friends, SEX BEING SACRED must be taken VERY SERIOUSLY. If this topic IS NOT UNDERSTOOD, IF IT IS NOT CAPTURED IN ALL ITS DEPTH, we will always be on the surface of the teaching but we will never go to the DEPTHS OF IT.

It is necessary to know that, unfortunately, every human being has within the lustful legion A SEDUCTIVE “I”, AN “I” THAT MAKES US FEEL THAT WE ARE BEING DESIRED, etc., etc., etc. This, obviously, is NOT LOVE from any point of view, that is called DESIRE. This tragedy leads many male companions to pretend to be A LADIES’ MAN or DANDIES and many female companions to want to continue being THE FEMME FATALE… And how do we intend to reach the Father with all those idiocies? If by divine grace people were to know their own Buddhi for at least twenty seconds, they would remain in a state of shock for several days or months, for what the Divine Soul emanates is such that we cannot even imagine it. What our Buddhi emanates is TRUE LOVE, and if She were to show it to us only once in our lives, we would remain inebriated forever with that sacred IMPRESSION.

It is important to know that when a gnostic couple or a single personprays to their Divine Mother for her to help them to eliminate LUST, then SEXUAL RECURRENCES will start to appear in their lives, which are tests and they must be overcome by using PROFOUND SELF-OBSERVATION, REFLECTION. Many practices and prayers must be done, even if we have had dreams, so as to verify whether or not it really is the will of the Father. Normally, many recurrences are not THE WILL OF THE FATHER, they are simple recurrences and nothing else. We must not enter into those traps. Obviously, the ideal is to tread the path with OUR TWIN SOUL, which will never be a sexual recurrence, but today people have no merits before the Law to have that bliss. But if we were to pray a great deal to the Father and to the Divine Mother while being single or separated, then what can indeed happen is that the BEING or Devi-Kundalini will bring A RECURRENCE into our lives, but a favorable one. At least it is a recurrence placed by the Father. But we must be sure that this recurrence comes from the Father and for this we must meditate and pray a lot, so that explanations are sent to us.

Another important thing that can help you in this topic: it is normal for you to have indications in dreams that we have to do the Arcanum A.Z.F., but this does not mean that we have to grab the first woman or the first man we see. They are alchemical indications of the path, we all receive these dreams, they are not indicating that we have to urgently get a partner now.

Therefore, dear friends, we need to do an IN-DEPTH REVIEW of our FALSE FEELINGS because it must be VERY CLEAR to us that the “I” DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO LOVE and it confuses the repulsive DESIRE with that which is called LOVE. This is the cause of many marital crises and failures of many couples. Such couples believe they had fallen in love but in reality, they were swallowed by LUSTFUL DESIRE. Once the DESIRE has been consummated, then, what remains is the sad reality; there was no true affinity in the five centers of our organic machines and the result is that the MATRIMONY becomes “MARTYRMONY”, which means HELL…

Let us reflect, dear reader, so as not to continue to be prisoners of our FATAL recurrences. Let us examine ourselves when we stand before a lady we intend to conquer and let us ask ourselves a thousand times: is this what I am feeling true love or do I just want to possess her for the satisfaction of my pleasures? The same question must be asked by our female companions so that they do not embitter their lives by letting themselves be carried away by ANIMAL DESIRE and not by a PROFOUND FEELING sprung from our spiritual depth.

Finally, for your reflection, I add some sentences that I consider appropriate, let us see:

“Tears are the blood of the soul”.
St. Augustine

“I do not know that there are words in the world as effective or speakers as eloquent as tears”.
Lope de Vega

“Tears are the mothers of virtues”.

“Men rich in tears are good. Stay away from anyone whose heart is dry and whose eyes are dry”.

“Freedom is about owning one’s life, not relying on anyone at any time, about subordinating life to one’s will alone, and not heeding wealth”.

─‘In death, be reborn intact and pure’─.