The paradoxes and incongruities that our planet and our race are dragging behind

The paradoxes and incongruities that our planet and our race are dragging behind 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dear friends:

I send you some comments that I find interesting to try to understand:


A. Let us begin by understanding and emphasizing that, without deserving it, we have one of the most beautiful planets in our Solar System, in which we find biodiversity that seems to touch the unimaginable. Our world is full of oceans laden with thousands and thousands of species that inhabit its depths. The so-called “science” is even surprised every day by new creatures found at the bottom of our ocean masses.

However ─and here begins our puzzle─, these oceans, which are not an inexhaustible source of life, are being threatened by the garbage of all kinds that the inhabitants of this world empties into them every day. A global alert has already been launched, warning of the danger of destroying marine fauna by the Machiavellian custom that we the Earthling humanoids have of throwing plastics into the sea and the oceans.

But it is not only plastic that we throw into those waters, but also atomic waste, chemical waste, waste from biological laboratories in the best Frankenstein style, etc. Suffice it to recall the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, which continues to spill nuclear waste that pollutes and destroys the life of the Pacific Ocean and human lives…

B. We also find immense mountain structures in our world, rocky canyons, spectacular mountain ranges that used to be covered in snow offering us scenic landscapes that delighted our emotional center and gave rest to our minds. Today these mountain ranges have been exploited, again by the rational mammal, who has turned them into places of tourist exploitation with the aggravation that we are deforming them, damaging them, ruining them in many ways and the aforementioned snow is disappearing from them more and more…

C. The jungles of the Earth are immense and full of abundant flora, to such an extent that the inhabitants of Brazil themselves have come to discover up to three hundred forms of fruit, apart from those already known, such as oranges, papayas, watermelons, etc., etc., etc. There is an immense network of plants from which, if thoroughly investigated, it would be possible to extract multiple medicines to definitively cure many diseases. But right now, what is going on with the Amazon –the lung of our world─? Well, nothing less and nothing more than that this vast jungle region and ultra-wonderful reserve of our planet is fuel for the fires caused by transnational companies, which, moved by greed and protected by the backing of governments that share that vast land mass, plunder the forests, wood, mines, and by the way the pollution that all this generates will go straight into the rivers, such as the Negro river and the Amazon river itself. All of this creates a vicious circle that seems to have no end. At this rate, in ten or twenty years the Amazon will become a desert area and will have ceased to be the lung of the world. There will no longer be a filter for the huge amounts of CO2 that are scattered today, like a cursed fog, toward the four cardinal points.

D. Together with all this we must remember that our air is, today more than ever, polluted in all regions of our globe. There are places in India, China, Russia, Pakistan, the United States, Africa, South America…, where the air is unbreathable and the annual death rate of pseudo human bipeds is alarming, astonishing. International summits have been held, supposedly with the purpose of curbing this appalling problem, but such meetings only serve for the world leaders to have their photos taken and to, again, emphasize their ill will against human life. Now they say that, probably, more or less by the year 2030 they would begin to reduce industrial CO2 production that threatens the Earth’s atmosphere; but those are words, banalities that are part of the rhetoric and charlatanry of the earthling diplomats. No one seems to LOVE our home, the Earth.

E. The pseudoscience of these dark times of Kali-Yuga has managed to break the ozone layer of our mother Earth, and now the solar rays, which were previously benign, have become dangerous and we could say EVIL, for causing thousands and thousands of forms of skin cancer that, as we know, end up being fatal to the human species. However, the abominable mania of wanting to conquer other worlds, caused by the “I” OF GREED IN THE HUMANOID, has caused another dumpster that is accumulating around our planetary environment, out there in space. From the International Space Station, terrifying photographs have been taken showing millions of scrap metal, remnants of already useless satellites, other still functioning satellites, and even SFBO nuclear bombs, which our Avatar once denounced in one of his talks, orbit around our suffering world. The V.M. Samael spoke about all of this, warning our humanity of the atomic danger that the armament race of the so-called SUPER POWERS was creating…

F. This same loveless science, which we could label as SCIENCE OF THE ANTICHRIST, has opted for pleasing the pettiness of the human Ego and has kneeled down before the “I” to guarantee its interests. In this way, the so-called science, which should only exist so as to provoke the harmony and progress of humanity in all scenarios, has become specialized in KILLING. Thus, in our harrowing days, many women, crazy and swallowed by the Beast mentioned in the Christian Book of Revelation with the number 666, come to the clinics and hospitals of our world to MAKE ABORTION. It doesn’t matter that a LIVING BEING, whose heart was already beating, is sought after by a metal hook which makes him leave the maternal cloister and then he is thrown into the trash. And all this only to please many women of our “human” pseudo-race and, in this way, they can continue to dedicate themselves to ENJOYING SEX THROUGH FORNICATION. What is ironic here is that we then see these women in churches praying the rosary and wearing veils of holiness on their heads in the processions that the Christian religion promotes as part of the massive dream in which we live.

G. The man of our time, even if he was quite degenerate for centuries already, has now taken his own insanity to another level and precisely science offers him to change his sex. These are called TRANSVESTITES and today, to top it all off, they are looked at with admiration by the various strata of our society. Coupled with this perversion, the proliferation of subjects who claim to have “COME OUT OF THE CLOSET” and present themselves to the crowds as QUEER has increased alarmingly, and if they were women, they now show themselves as LESBIANS saying that “LOVE HAS NO LIMITS”… What do these sick people know about LOVE?

Next to this phenomenon we must place those who enjoy men and women in an absolutely animalistic way and they are called BISEXUALS. All this pandemonium has been classified as an LGTB collective… Where are we going, esteemed reader? Can a race with these characteristics have a splendid future?

The so-called Holy Christian Scriptures, in their book on Deuteronomy, conclusively affirm:
“He that is wounded in the stones or hath his private member cut off shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord.”

No comment…

H. Despite that there is enough space in our world to make the land arable and feed any number of millions of people, hunger is advancing with its carriage of skeletons in many countries, especially in Africa and many other regions of Asia or Central America, and now the queues of hungry people begin to exist in Europe itself. Unbelievable, but it is so!

Why is there hunger, esteemed readers, if we have already made it clear that our planet has enough space for all and resources for all? ANSWER: The greed of the earthly pseudo-man has led him to the accumulation of wealth among A FEW, and those FEW want to subject the rest of the world’s population to their selfish economic rules, even if this has already caused two world wars and we are about to experience A THIRD WORLD WAR.

We have to say that, in this section, once again the SCIENCE OF THE BEAST has offered to genetically modify plants and many other agricultural products, allegedly under the pretext of bringing food where there is hunger. But what is sent to the hungry multitudes are products that DO NOT NOURISH and which degenerate the human biological structure, because the so-called genetically modified food products are real junks. And that is what we “CHARITABLY” send to our brothers in Africa, Cambodia, etc., etc., etc. That is how we intend to wash our hands before what we call GOD.

I. The false science that has always deceived this humanity by presenting as toys to the sleeping masses some inventions such as the automobile –which today is one of the main pollutants of our impoverished world– has not really managed to extinguish the diseases that have been flogging the pseudo-human genre. If in the past we have already experienced nefarious epidemics of polio, tuberculosis, diphtheria, measles, flus such as the famous Spanish influenza, and such evils were fought with vaccines –which, although they did not cure them, they stopped them in their advancement and sometimes outbreaks of them still appear─, etc., etc.; now new health tragedies have appeared such as the AIDS virus ─HIV─, plaque sclerosis –caused, among other things, precisely by ingesting genetically modified products–, amorphous lateral sclerosis, etc., etc., and more recently we are all being scourged by scientific Machiavellianism because of the world famous CORONAVIRUS. 

To supposedly remedy this latest laboratory experiment created by human evil, vaccines are being created in various laboratories around the world, even though those false men of science know that they cannot ensure the annihilation of it. Can it get more cynical than this? Impossible. The pharmaceutical companies themselves warn the sleeping multitudes that they TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ADVERSE OR SIDE EFFECTS that such vaccines may cause in those naive people who have them injected… The serious thing about all this chaos is that the mentioned pharmaceutical companies have plenty of money to buy the  governments of the world and to force those governments to CONFINE the various populations of our planet.

Up until recently this same science that we are talking about laughed at the follies of Frankenstein and now it ceaselessly wants to perform transplants in the human body, even like Frankenstein, using organs of deceased people. Today this science, divorced from the spirit, transplants hearts without taking into account that in that organ there is an atom that connects us with the BEING, with the Father. They do not give a fig about everything related to ethics and to spirituality.

The one who is writing these lines recently read in an article rated as scientific about the intention of some French doctors to transplant a human head. In this way they purport that the dead continues to live in another physical organism. This reminds us of the barbarities committed on the ancient Atlantean continent by many scientists who ended up being black magicians. Also, in other news that your servant happened to read, he observed that science is studying the possibility of transplanting the liver of a pig into a human individual. According to those pseudo doctors, such a liver is similar to the human liver and could, according to them, help those whose diseased liver no longer performs its functions well. Today these paragons of wisdom are willing to transplant everything: breasts, heads, arms, hands, legs, etc., etc., etc. That is what they call SCIENCE, but when we talked about Frankenstein, these “geniuses” made fun of those barbarities and called them ABSURD. So where does that leave us? And as if that weren’t enough, your servant also read in news rated as scientific that soon pig-to-human blood transfusions will be possible! QUESTION: What will we finally become…?

J. What amazes most, illustrious reader, is that while everything described above is happening at a thousand kilometers per hour, this humanity is so blind that it only thinks of new cosmetics, new operations that modify our anatomy to hypnotize the opposite sex and take it to the bed of Procrustes, of new nightclubs to dance unbridledly to the beat of drugs –cocaine, heroin, marijuana, LSD, etc., etc.– and raucous music that has no rhythm whatsoever. In that unhealthy environment people are filled with uncertainty every day by the movements of the Wall Street stock exchange, the Nasdaq stock exchange or that of London or Japan, etc., etc., etc. In short, we have become accustomed to living in a brutal way, without questioning our emotions, our thoughts, our instincts, and this crazy race to nowhere deepens every day THE SLEEP OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS…

K. As if we were missing something in this tragic scenario, those of us who love Gnosis know that a planetary giant named Hercolubus, Planet X, Nibiru or Cold Planet, seven times larger than Jupiter and with an enormous orbit, is approaching our Solar System and the time will come when it will magnetically brush past our world Earth, causing its axis to change completely, thus the current poles will become the equator and today’s equator will become poles. This, unquestionably, will produce a total catastrophe that will make our mother Earth uninhabitable for several centuries, until the Earth’s crust is again geologically suited to exist. That monster we are talking about here, on these pages, is the cause of the alarming climate change that we are currently experiencing, aided, obviously, by global warming also caused by the horrific emissions of CO2

Finally, dear friends, we cannot now deny that we are certainly already living the Apocalypse. Now it is not about the Apocalypse coming, no: we are already in it! And even the famous chip is being prepared that they will try to introduce into us through nanoengineering and in which all our personal data will be stored to keep us all under control. They will do this using as an excuse the fact that we will be able to expedite all our banking or judicial or bureaucratic procedures by means of a barcode that we will have inserted… Certainly, the Beast took full control of our society and all aspects that concern it: economics, politics, religion, philosophy, ethics, morals, aesthetics, art, etc., etc., leaving our FREE WILL reduced to ZERO… This is the panorama presented before our eyes if we open them up to reality.

The goal of Gnosis, appreciated readers, is precisely to TAKE US OUT OF THE SLEEP that does not allow us to realize, deeply, what is happening around us. Such is the purpose of our doctrine and all the practices we have inherited from our most holy Master, Avatar and planetary Logos: Samael Aun Weor…

I now add a few sentences for reflection:

“Those who say ignorance say blindness, worries, error, superstition, despotism, arbitrariness, humiliation, misery and immorality.”
Victor Hugo

“The true evil for man is not the one who suffers, but the one who does.”

“The greatest number of evils that man suffers comes from man himself.”
Pliny the Old

“There are few evil men who do not already in life carry hell in their souls.”

“Machiavelli’s lessons are more beneficial to the oppressors than to the oppressed.”
Madame Staël

─’Man, know yourself’─.