The universe of Ethics

The universe of Ethics 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Much-loved friends:

I send you a few words so that we can enter into the description of what we call:


First of all, esteemed readers, we must take into consideration the following:

  1. Ethics emanates from the KETHER, the Ancient of Days of the Gnostics.
  2. Ethics is the fruit of the self-respect of the BEING toward himself.
  3. The BEING being the perfect multiple unity, He always remains in the field of SUPERIOR ETHICS, never to resemble the EGOIC MULTIPLE PLURALITY, its antithesis…
  4. “THE BEING is the BEING and the reason for being of the BEING is the BEING himself,” said V.M Samael Aun Weor very accurately, father of contemporary Gnosis.
  5. With Ethics, the Cosmocrators formed the universe and the hierarchies that sustain it.
  6. Ethics, not morality, is what governs the conduct of the Archons of Destiny. That is why the latter are beyond all the moral codes that exist in the world.
  7. In the field of Ethics there are no intellectual discussions but balanced actions in harmony with the Will of the Father.
  8. Therefore, we can infer that the Will of the Father and Ethics are an indissoluble whole.
  9.    The desiderates of the Real Being may not fit in with the moral codes of the dead religions and yet they constitute a transcendent and transcendental ideological noumenon.
  10. It is surprising that ethical movements, even if they are not understood sometimes by the multitudes, cannot be refuted because they fit in with the right way of feeling, right way of thinking and right way of proceeding. Of course, the feelings, thoughts and actions to which we refer here are unrelated to sentimentality, pietism or the hypocritical actions of the ordinary of human beings.
  11. When we violate the Ethics set by the Father within the Secret or esoteric Path, we fall into disgrace, for we separate ourselves from the laconic action of the BEING and we take what is false for true, falling then into an abyss of ignorance with very serious consequences.
  12. In the circle of the Adepts of the Great Light, each Initiate works with the Ethics set by his inner Real Being and, curiously, there are never disputes between them because the Ethics allows, given its nature, for it to be understood by all those who have dissolved the Ego or are dissolving it as they move forward.
  13. It is the awaken Consciousness, free from the Ego, that captures and exercises the Ethics of the Father who is in secret.
  14. Awaken Consciousness receives revolutionary commandments and executes them because it feels and knows that these commandments come from the Will of the profound Inner Being.
  15. By moving all these philosophical and theological disquisitions to the field of reality, we then understand why Jesus the Christ, for example, secretly loved Mary Magdalene during his initiatory process.
  16. It is unquestionable that Jesus had the duty to banish from the psycho-metaphysical world of the Magdalene the seven demons mentioned in the Holy Scriptures, a vivid allusion to the seven deadly sins.
  17. Unfortunately, the dead churches, unaware of the SECRET Path, never understood this drama, since they are divorced from esoteric theology.
  18. As a result of the aforementioned, it is easy to deduce that the dead churches would never accept this reality lived by the Nazarene, for all this is beyond their dogmatic kind of canons.
  19. In Eastern Zen the conduct of the Masters toward the disciples is based on the Ethics of the BEING. However, in the West it would look very bad to us that a Zen Master, wanting to help a disciple escape from the world of relativity so as to fall into the Void, kicked him in the stomach in order to achieve such a metaphysical state. Nor would the multitudes understand that hours later the disciple would come out of his fainting, rise from the ground, and embrace his Master in a gesture of gratitude…
  20. We must emphasize that Ethics walks alongside superior Logic, unknown by the followers of the formal logic of an Augusto Comte, an Engels or a Charles Marx.
  21. Superior Logic establishes among other things: “A superior law transcends an inferior law”. Therefore, what might seem incongruous turns out to have a very deep explanation within the bosom of the Father.
  22. Let us say in conclusion: the fact that a superior law transcends an inferior law has nothing to do with that other thing that some claim: “The means justify the end”, this slogan is used in the history of our afflicted world to commit irrational acts and terrible crimes against humanity.

Now I leave you a few sentences for your reflection, let us see:

“Heart and spirit are the two plates of a scale. Submerge the spirit into study and your heart will rise to heaven.”
Victor Hugo

“The human spirit is advancing continuously, but always in a spiral line”.

“When everything we have of mortal is clothed with immortality, we will better feel the dignity of our soul and the eminence of its qualities, then we will know what a spirit is.”
Victor Hugo

If the doors of perception were cleansed then everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite.”

“The fool sits by the river to wait for the water to finish passing by, but it flows and will continue to pass by forever.”