Il pentimento


Repentance 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Repentance is the action of the inner KAOM, wanting to help us not separate ourselves from the Father.

Repentance is the best medicine for our souls.

When we are remorseful a MORAL PAIN settles in our hearts permanently.

Repentance makes us feel DESPICABLE and INHUMAN.

Repentance takes away our desire to eat.

Repentance does not allow us to be receptive to joys, to travels, to the things of life.

When we are remorseful, we just want to be alone.

True repentance prevents us from talking to others, only silence brings us peace.

Repentance makes us feel ALONE, ABANDONED, far away from the Father of Perfections.

The repentant only finds solace in meditation.

Repentance encloses our souls in a dark black cloud.

The pain of repentance does not go away overnight, only Stella Maris takes away that pain at the right time, at the right moment.

Repentance makes us see ourselves AS WE ARE, without ornaments, without poses, without fantasies.

Repentance has degrees and degrees of manifestation.

Repentance, if it is strong and true, makes us see how we have distanced ourselves from GOD FATHER.

True repentance generates a memory that stays deep in our souls so as to avoid falling into the same mistake.

The true repentant always seeks to meditate upon what he intends to say before speaking. Likewise, he thinks before acting and weighs in his heart the feelings that want to dwell in it.

Repentance MAKES US HUMBLE before God, and He then seeks a way to redeem us before the Great Law.

True repentance DOES NOT PRODUCE PSYCHOLOGICAL SONGS that we are singing here, there and everywhere.

The real repentant knows, at all times, that he can be prey to his demons at any given moment and he is always in a state of alert so as not to be a victim of EVIL again.

Beelzebub felt DEEP REGRET and that earned him the appreciation of the angels who helped him to abandon his demonic state.

A repentant prostitute is closer to heaven than a maiden who has nothing to regret.

The great Thrones, Cherubim, Seraphim…, earlier they have been demons, then they have repented and fought to rise from the mud of the earth.

Repentance generates WILLPOWER in those who have understood the gravity of their mistakes.

A Philosopher’s Stone that does not carry the seal of the REPENTANCES is a Stone that can be broken at any time.

That is the reason for the requirement of the THIRTEEN REPENTANCES of Pistis Sophia in order to allow her to return to AEON THIRTEEN.

Repentances are never intellectual, they are the result of IN-DEPTH UNDERSTANDING.

Repentance makes us see how many times we have been PHARISEES AND HYPOCRITES toward our Divine Mother and toward our Father.

When we experience REPENTANCE we deeply understand that before the Father we are only COSMIC DUST…

Repentance demolishes, destroys, puts an end to the “I” OF LIES, OF MYTHOMANIA, OF EGOCENTRICITY, OF MISANTHROPY, OF SELF-CONSIDERATION, etc., etc., etc.

A true repentant can look at his Divine Mother face to face and be received by her to be instructed. The proud, the conceited, the self-sufficient will never have that bliss.

Sincere repentance increases light in the aura of the penitents.

Reader: if you have not experienced what we have described here, you have not yet known true repentance!


Your Coordinator and friend,