Comprehending death

Comprehending death 850 480 V.M. Samael Aun Weor

It is urgent to comprehend in depth and in all the terrains of the mind what death in itself really is, only in this way is it possible to truly comprehend in its entirety that which is immortality. 

To see the human body of a loved one in the coffin does not mean to have comprehended the mystery of death. 

The Truth is the unknown from moment to moment. The truth about death cannot be an exception. 

The “I” always wants, as is only natural, an insurance against death, a supplementary guarantee, some authority responsible to ensure for us a good position and some kind of immortality beyond the terrifying sepulcher. 

The “myself” does not feel like dying. The “I” wants to continue. The “I” is very afraid of death. 

The Truth is not a matter of believing or doubting. The Truth has nothing to do with credulity or skepticism. The Truth is not a matter of ideas, theories, opinions, concepts, preconceptions, assumptions, prejudices, affirmations, negotiations, etc. The truth about the mystery of death is no exception.  

The truth about the mystery of death can only be known through direct experience. 

It is impossible to communicate the real experience of death to those who do not know it. 

Any poet can write beautiful books about love, but it is impossible to communicate the truth about love to people who have never experienced it. Similarly, we say that it is impossible to communicate the truth about death to people who have not lived it. 

Whoever wants to know the truth about death must investigate, experience for himself, duly seek; only then can we discover the deep meaning of death. 

The observation and experience of many years have allowed us to comprehend that people are not really interested in comprehending the deep meaning of death; people are actually only interested in continuing in the beyond and that is all. 

Many people wish to continue by means of material goods, prestige, family, beliefs, ideas, children, etc., and when they comprehend that any type of psychological continuity is vain, fleeting, ephemeral, unstable, then upon feeling without guarantees, insecure, they get frightened, horrified, they are filled with infinite terror. 

Poor people do not want to comprehend that everything that continues unfolds in time. 

Poor people do not want to comprehend that everything that continues decays with time. 

Poor people do not want to comprehend that everything that continues becomes mechanistic, routine, boring. 

It is urgent, it is necessary, it is indispensable to become fully conscious of the profound meaning of death; only in this way, the fear of ceasing to exist disappears. 

By carefully observing humanity, we can verify that the mind is always bottled up in the known and wants that which is known to continue beyond the sepulcher. 

The mind bottled up in the known will never be able to experience the unknown, the Real, the True. 

Only by breaking the bottle of time by means of correct meditation, can we experience the Eternal, the Timeless, the Real. 

Those who wish to continue fear death, and their beliefs and theories only serve them as narcotics. 

Death in itself has nothing terrifying, it is something very beautiful, sublime, ineffable; but the mind, bottled up in the known, only moves within the vicious circle that goes from credulity to skepticism. 

When we truly become fully conscious of the deep and profound meaning of death, we then discover by ourselves, through direct experience, that life and death constitute a complete, unitotal whole. 

Death is the repository of life. The path of life is made by the tracks of the hooves of the horse of death. 

Life is determined and determinative energy. From birth to death, different types of energy flow within the human organism. 

The only type of energy that the human organism cannot withstand is the ray of death. This ray has an extremely high electrical voltage. The human organism could not withstand such a voltage. 

Just as a lighting bolt can tear apart a tree, so the ray of death, flowing through the human organism, inevitably destroys it. 

The ray of death connects the death phenomenon to the birth phenomenon. 

The ray of death originates very intimate electrical tensions and a certain keynote which has the determinative power to combine the genes within the fertile egg. 

The ray of death reduces the human organism to its fundamental elements. 

The Ego, the energetic “I” continues in our descendants, unfortunately. 

What is the truth about death, what is the interval between death and conception, is something that does not belong to time and that we can only experience by means of the science of meditation. 

Teachers of schools, colleges and universities must teach their students the path that leads to the experience of the Real, of the True. 

Samael Aun Weor, Chapter XXIX, “Death”, Fundamental Education