A call to intelligent rebellion

A call to intelligent rebellion

A call to intelligent rebellion 850 480 V.M. Samael Aun Weor

Discourse addressed to the Gnostic youth – Mexico City

Unfortunately, people lead a mechanistic life. We have habits that we repeat incessantly. When someone, for some reason, gets out of his role, when he abandons for an instant that mechanistic life which he leads, when he moves away, he thinks he is doing badly and perhaps it is when he is doing better.

It is necessary, from time to time, to get out at least for a moment of that mechanistic world in which we always live to look at ourselves totally from another angle. This is as easy as getting out of the city and seeing from the peak not only the city, but all the valleys and neighboring towns that surround us.

From time to time, if only for some instants, we must stop identifying with that mechanical life which we lead. One must try to be distinct, to be different; one must be revolutionary, rebellious by nature and by spirit; one must break free from all these old norms of our ancestors, one must totally abandon the rancid customs that our grandparents have lived in.

I want the youth to comprehend this message, to understand it. It is not possible to awaken the Consciousness as long as we do not separate ourselves from all those little roles which we are accustomed to playing. It is not possible to awaken Consciousness as long as we do not distance ourselves completely from mechanistic life.

I do not want to tell you, youth, that we have to lead an anchorite life, no, I am not saying that! We need, it is obvious, to live in the world, but not to let ourselves be swallowed by the world; to be different. Do not do what others do, be different! When one begins to be truly rebellious, the process of awakening begins.

People know nothing about superior life. What do they know about the mysteries of life and death? Nothing! If we place a materialist theory next to a spiritualist theory, we see that both are structured with a plausible and marvelous logic, that reasoning is good for anything. One makes a mountain out of a molehill and a molehill out of a mountain. The reason is the same, the cerebrization, the logic: it is good for anything, it can just as well fabricate a thesis of a spiritualist type as one of a materialist type.

Mister Immanuel Kant, the philosopher from Königsberg, wrote his great work entitled Critique of Pure Reason. That book is about logic, metaphysics and ethics. And in it he makes a full differentiation between what the concepts of content are –elaborated directly with that information collected by the five senses– and what the intuitions are. So, Mister Immanuel Kant, the great philosopher, wrote in a very judicious way about reason, and reaches the conclusion that reason in itself can know nothing about the Truth, nor about God, nor about what lies beyond death, nor about what is real, etc.

The youth, then, should not continue being bottled up in that process of reasoning; it must be eminently intuitive. First and foremost, it is necessary to understand that we are asleep. But one cannot awaken as long as he lives completely falsified by mechanistic life, with the various little roles that he has to play in existence. There is a need, I repeat, to no longer identify with these little roles, to break free from them by being rebels, by looking at life from another angle.

If reason has not been able to take us to the experience of what is real, we have to break free from reasoning, we have to appeal to some other faculty if what we want is to know the Truth. The Cosmic Christ said: “Know the Truth and the Truth will make you free.”

But is it that there exists another faculty that allows us to experience Truth without the painful process of reasoning? Yes, it exists, my esteemed youths! Which is it? The “Instinctive Perception of Cosmic Truths”. I want you to engrave this well in your hearts. It is a faculty of the Being. I repeat: “Instinctive Perception of Cosmic Truths.”

In an archaic past of the Earth, all human creatures possessed this faculty developed. But as the Ego, the “I”, the Myself, invigorated, such faculty also degenerated until it was finished with. Only by developing it again, only by means of the regeneration of that precious faculty, can we arrive at the experience of what is real in the complete absence of subjective rationalism.

How can one awaken that precious faculty, how can one regenerate it, in what way? I will tell you, youth: ceasing to be mechanical entities, moving away from so many little roles that we perform daily, being rebels. It is when one ceases to be mechanical, that one begins to have consciousness of oneself. And the thing is that we need to know ourselves. That is the only way to stop being mechanical.

The ancient sages said: “Nosce te ipsum” –”Man, know thyself and you will know the universe and the Gods”–. When one knows oneself, he can eliminate the inhuman elements that he carries within: the prejudices of race and nation; the hatred which leads to so many wars; the selfishness, which will all of a sudden become violent; the envy, which has become the basic factor of this ultramodern life; the jealousy which exasperates; the lust which degenerates, etc.

But above all, we need to discover ourselves, to know ourselves. Only by knowing ourselves, only by discovering ourselves do we know which are the inhuman elements that we carry within. Once we know them, we can eliminate them. Eliminating the mistakes that we carry, awakens in us the marvelous sense of the Being, that faculty known as “Instinctive Perception of Cosmic Truths”. Only that faculty can take us to the experience of what is real, of Truth, of that which has always been, is and will be.

Since childhood many absurd things have been taught to us; a false Consciousness has been formed in us. At school, we were made to learn by memory many theories that have been of no use to us. The family taught us many customs, we acquired many habits, and with all of that we really formed a false, mechanical Consciousness, which knows nothing of what is real or of Truth. Subjective reasoning is based on the perceptions of the external senses, and nothing more; it cannot, therefore, lead us to what is real.

The youth must be revolutionary, put an end to all the elements that form the false Consciousness, disintegrate the Myself, the Oneself. And that is possible by means of the elimination of our psychological mistakes, ceasing to be mechanical, learning to think for ourselves, becoming self-independent totally.

When we will have achieved this, the precious faculty of the Being known as “Instinctive Perception of Cosmic Truths” will enter a new activity. Then we will know what is real, the Truth, without the painful process of reasoning.

Thus, I invite the youth to be rebellious, to be revolutionary, to rise up against subjective reason; to dissolve the Myself, the Oneself, through the elimination of your own psychological defects; to enter a path of innovations and transformations; to not do what others do, to move away from so many little roles already learned by memory, to break free from mechanical life; to explore yourselves totally with the purpose of knowing yourselves.

Let us remember that the New Aquarian Age is revolutionary. Thus I make a call to all the youth to walk firmly on the path of fundamental education. That’s all.”

Inverential Peace!

The Fifth Gospel, Chapter “A call to intelligent rebellion”
Samael Aun Weor