General subjects on Esoterism

General subjects on Esoterism 1280 720 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

At present, there are very few schools that possess true esoteric knowledge. Unfortunately, most of the misnamed “esoteric” schools (religions, doctrines, beliefs) lead many souls to the path of error. This interview aims to teach the seekers of primordial knowledge how to recognize the real schools of mysteries; and to study in depth the damage caused to humanity by the different religious currents throughout history, in their struggle to destroy the true knowledge on which the Gnosis of yesterday, today and always is based. If we look for the origins of esoterism, the most ancient origins, frankly, we have to go to the first Races that existed on the surface of the Earth, in the days when man was made in the Creator’s image, after his likeness. The human being was an Elohim that walked on the surface of the Earth with all his inner possibilities already developed. He was the Adam-Kadmon of the Hebraic Kabbalah, who had derived from the Adam-Ha-Rison, also named in the Hebraic Kabbalistic texts. This man, Gnostically speaking, was a Man-God. A Man full of powers that allowed him to get in contact with the infinitely big or Macrocosm, as well as to understand the infinitely small, the atomic and electronic worlds. He was the man who had incarnated the Word. He was himself, the living esoterism.