To what extent is it necessary to undergo our psychological death on this Path?

To what extent is it necessary to undergo our psychological death on this Path?

To what extent is it necessary to undergo our psychological death on this Path? 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Much appreciated readers:

I think it is necessary to write to you about a fundamental matter that we could label it as:


For many years, V.M. Samael has been bending over backwards trying to get to the Gnostic multitudes the imperious necessity of DYING IN ONESELF, taking advantage of the psychological gymnasium that life brings us every day. He even wrote three books in this respect, entitled: FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATIONTHE GREAT REBELLION and REVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY, and despite this effort, this intimate work is still not fully comprehended in our days.

On this matter, the Avatar of Aquarius ended up saying: “You earthlings have certain areas of the brain that do not work for you, since I have spoken in a thousand ways about psychological death and it seems that no one understands me…”

Personally, I can tell you that although the V.M. Samael is not physically with us today, this anomaly continues to exist among the Gnostic students. And this is very serious for a people who supposedly want to self-realize. What I have been able to verify directly in the area of daily life is that the mistakenly called man of our days suffers from a very serious problem called SELF-IMPORTANCE which, in turn, originates a malevolent state that we can define it with the adjective of SELF-LOVE. With these two psychological illnesses within us, any transcendent change that we want to make in our worthless psychology is impossible…

When someone overestimates himself, he will never recognize his mistakes, besides, he probably assumes that he has no mistakes and the fundamental condition to start TRULY DYING is, precisely, to recognize that he is riddled with errors caused by ten thousand undesirable aggregates that every person carries within him. This is the basis from which we must start in order to take the NEED TO DIE PSYCHOLOGICALLY seriously. When someone truly recognizes that he is a walking sack of aggregates, he begins to give true value to the SENSE OF SELF-OBSERVATION in order to discover his weaknesses that torment his life.

Starting from this base, then we have to become Sherlock Holmes, detectives of ourselves, in order to discover day by day that we are loud-mouthed quarrelsome, spiteful, that we hate, that we betray, that we adulterate, that we always want to be right, that we do not give others the opportunity to talk, etc., etc., etc. However, in order to discover our calamity, that SENSE OF SELF-OBSERVATION must be agile, it must be the result of being ATTENTIVE as the sentry in times of war, because unfortunately, we are being bombarded by IMPRESSIONS every second and for twenty-four hours every day, nothing more and nothing less.

It is for this reason that the SENSE OF SELF-OBSERVATION is like a lens that is atrophied and to make it work again we need to exercise it little by little, with infinite patience and tenacity, in order to make it work again. We have to NOT FORGET ABOUT OURSELVES when we leave our home, we have to observe ourselves to notice how we walk, how we get into our car, how we drive ─with arrogance perhaps?─, how we talk to others ─high-handed perhaps?─, how we behave with the supermarket salesman, what we think of him, what attitude we take when paying for our purchases ─maybe we want to flirt lustfully with the girl at the checkout?─, how we treat our younger siblings ─with love or indifference?─, how we act at home, how we talk to our spouse ─with what tone of voice do we do it?─, how do we carry out our work with the Great Arcanum ─what do we think about while doing it? Do we do it with a truly loving attitude or do we mix our lust with our prayers?─, and at mealtime, are we grateful to the Father for the food that He has brought to our table? Do we pray to Him hypocritically, mechanically, because we think that we deserve everything? And when we speak, do we think before speaking so as not to be surprised by the bad reaction of the one who is listening to us, etc., etc., etc.

It would take very long, experienced reader, to write about all that the SENSE OF SELF-OBSERVATION encompasses, but I have given you some cases of what our behavior might be when there is an absence of such self-observation. If we do not apply this technique from second to second, it is obvious that the impressions from the exterior will hit our psyche and our centers and, automatically, for lack of self-observation, we will react immediately through any of the ten thousand aggregates that we have.

And what is the result that we obtain when we are not in self-observation? Well, it is enough to take a look at the world around us to see how we are and to easily realize ─if our reason works─ what kind of world we are living in. Our world today is a real HELL, because nobody wants, in any way, to accept that we have all contributed, with our absence of SELF-OBSERVATION, to create this disgusting society in which we are. We have all thought only of OURSELVES and have never taken the trouble to put ourselves in the place of others.

That is why today, in our vaunted society, there are so many divorces, marital crimes, murders, thefts, wars, social disorder, economic chaos, religious chaos, philosophical chaos and, obviously, when this happens the building collapses, because there are no columns ─namely: VIRTUES─ to support it.

Couples swear to each other love until death, but in truth, they only recite that as part of a social protocol established in the marriage ceremonies. Personally, I have had friends in horizontal life who, on the very day they were getting married, in the morning of that very day, had fornicated with another woman. How can we call this? Adultery? Hypocrisy toward the spouse? Extreme lust? Moral irresponsibility? Pleasure for the sake of pleasure? etc., etc. The truth is that such impudence has NO NAME OR ADJECTIVES, but we do know that it is the result of the SPIRITUAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL ABANDONMENT of ourselves. This is what we have arrived at by believing that we ARE VERY WELL. This is the high-handedness that characterizes us Aryans.

Master Samael says: “Couples who want to prolong their honeymoon need to understand what it is to forgive the spouse when he or she makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect, we are all puppets manipulated by our beloved psychological aggregates, that is all…”

However, when these words are read in the works of the Avatar, they are read for the sake of reading, but not to learn from them, that is our serious error! It is clear that in these conditions the desired INNER CHANGE will never come into our lives, since wherever we go we will always repeat our own foolishness, our slanders, our gossiping our bickering, our apparently very logical reasoning, etc., etc., etc., because we will always be thinking that those words were written by Master Samael for other people but not for us. Therein lies our SELF-IMPORTANCE which leads us to this psychological blindness….

The most serious thing of all this, dear friends, is that we could be doing the Secret Path but without enough mystical death. Where would that lead us? Well, first of all, we could become a Hanasmussen without knowing it. We already know that a Hanasmussen is an ABORTION OF THE DIVINE MOTHER, something badly made. But thinking in the best of cases, for example, that we have done the Great Work and we have destroyed our horrible EGO with the help of God-Mother, what would happen if we did not eliminate THE RESIDUES LEFT BY THE BEAST in the interior of every Master, even though he has done the GREAT WORK? Simply, that Master can be caught one day by one of those residues, and such residue leads him to lose his BLESSED STONE that he had conquered with so much effort. Those “Masters” usually keep a certain air of despotism toward others, certain airs of misanthropy, and although it seems incredible, they can be victims of refined mythomania… That is the reason why there are very few PERFECT MASTERS esoterically called ISCHMETCH…

“To enjoy a true PERFECTION OF MASTERY it is necessary to have kissed the whip of the executioner”, said Master Samael. All those Masters, who dissimulate their RANCOR or THEIR HIGH-HANDEDNESS by enclosing themselves in a HYPOCRITICAL silence are Masters, yes, but with very dangerous residues. That was the reason why during the International Gnostic Congress of Anthropology held in the city of Guadalajara ─Jalisco, Mexico─, the Master let himself be photographed embracing two other Masters who, unfortunately, had created with their attitudes two currents that argued among themselves wanting to be the favorites of Master Samael before the public. The Avatar was really embracing them, but those two other Masters, in those days, were committing, without meaning to, an attack against Gnosis itself, because they were about to divide it up forever. Now the Master is in the superior worlds enjoying the perfection of his work; one of those two other Masters has miraculously saved his mastery, but the other is involuting…

Today more than ever, appreciated reader, that phrase from Shakespeare comes to life: “TO BE OR NOT TO BE, THAT IS THE QUESTION” 

─‘Gold Opens Closed Doors’─.
Kwen Khan Khu

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  • I read this and I still do not understand my level of Being. A wall is between your words and my consciousness.