The supreme importance of practicing meditation

The supreme importance of practicing meditation

The supreme importance of practicing meditation 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dearest friends:

I consider it indispensable and very important to send you all a few words of our Avatar, V.M. Samael Aun Weor, regarding:


I attach to you the answers of our beloved Guru regarding meditation when he was asked by a disciple. Here they are:

“Disciple: Venerable Master, many of us have been told that there is no need, for example, for runes, for meditation, because we are in the end times and we, simply, only have to eliminate the Ego. And then you tell us that meditation is very important, but there we are told that we should not meditate. So, what should we do?

Master: Who told you such stupidities?

Disciple: I have them on my tape recorder, it was said by J. A. ’Two things that are not needed: neither meditation nor fasting.’ Nor Lent.

Master: The truth is that one, without meditation, does not make one step in these studies.

Disciple: So, I am going to ask you these questions in order to be able to counteract an action spread from the Temple of the [Sierra] Nevada in which he says: ‘I, without ever meditating, awakened, so it is not needed; what is needed is courage.’

Fasting also. At Christmas, he spoke out against fasting and then I saw that you sent nine [people] to fast, nine from Venezuela. I kept quiet and said: ‘This is going to cause an outburst, that he says over there that fasting is not needed and the Master sends nine.’ […]

Master: In any case I have to tell you that meditation is fundamental, one cannot advance an inch in these studies without meditation.

Well, I say that meditation is indispensable, because meditation is the system, the method to be able to receive information. By means of meditation, we can also comprehend our defects. When one meditates on this or that defect, when one meditates on this or that psychological error, unquestionably, one is striving to comprehend and, through profound meditation, one comes to comprehend it.

A discovered, comprehended defect, must be eliminated. But before eliminating a defect, it must first be comprehended through profound meditation, and only then can it be eliminated. It is not possible to eliminate a defect if it has not first been comprehended, and it is not possible to first comprehend it if one has not meditated profoundly upon it. Profound meditation allows one to comprehend this or that defect.

Thus, meditation is the bread of the sage. By means of meditation, one can learn a lot, one can discover oneself. Meditation is the system of self-discovery.

We already know that in self-discovery there is also self-revelation, and that it would be absurd to speak out against meditation. Meditation –I repeat– is the bread of the sage, a bread that must be taken daily.

Disciple: Then, one has to practice meditation every day?

Master: Of course! You have to practice it if you want to make progress, otherwise one would be stagnant, petrified.”

─Excerpt from The Fifth Gospel, conference entitled “In the Amphitheater of Pure Knowledge”, dictated by the V.M. Samael Aun Weor, Vol. 4, pages 268-269─.

I now attach for you a few sentences to be reflected upon:

“It is convenient to meditate one day after having read one hour.”

“First meditate, then decide.”

“Mature things well and then do them soon.”

“A great man is not he who knows much but he who has meditated much.”

─‘In a fair and good way’─.