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The psychological obsessions of some companions

The psychological obsessions of some companions 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Appreciated friends:

I send this message to all of you, which I have entitled…


When the V.M. Samael was in this three-dimensional world with us, apart from writing his works he answered the questions of many companions who asked him about personal matters. It was about things to do with their material work, their travels, their psychological problems in trying to confront the “I”, etc., etc., etc. So far so good.

However, the “little companions” began to want to use Master Samael as if he were a crystal ball, and the worst thing was that the things they then began to ask were like these: “Is it advisable for me to be with my husband?”, “Is it advisable  for me to continue with my wife?”, “Is it okay for me to marry so-and-so or so-and-so?”,  “Is it alright that my wife wants to get pregnant?”, “Has my girlfriend been my wife in past lives?”, “Have my girlfriend and I been together since the beginning of the Maha-Manvantara?”, and a thousand more stupidities along those lines.

Obviously, at first the Venerable One answered all these questions, until unpleasant events began to happen and that already intended to cast doubts on the V.M. Samael and on Gnosis itself. These were people who, having asked Master Samael if it was appropriate for them to join in marriage with someone and he having answered yes, then, due to lack of PSYCHOLOGICAL SELF-OBSERVATION, THESE COUPLES ENDED UP FIGHTING with one another and finally separated. The worst thing was that then they began to point to Master Samael as RESPONSIBLE for that separation because, according to these people, he had given the YES to that union.

It is obvious that, as long as we have the ANIMAL EGO within our psyche, our opinions will vary a great many times. Master Samael has said it well in his works: the “I” that loves today is tomorrow supplanted by another that hates, the “I” that today swears love to a woman tomorrow wants to end that sentimental relationship, etc., etc. That is our misfortune. We are many people living inside each humanoid. Nothing less and nothing more than ten thousand psychological aggregates.

At the bottom of all this is an egoic trigger called SELF-IMPORTANCE. That aggregate, within each person, wants to be the only one capable of giving marital happiness to the other, nothing more and nothing less, and for this reason he wants to set himself up as the most important person that the spouse has ever known. However, a curious thing is that these “little companions” have never observed themselves in-depth to see if they really have affinity in the EMOTIONAL, INTELLECTUAL AND SEXUAL centers, and this is fundamental for a marriage to go well.

Today the aforementioned love smells ─says Master Samael─ of money, social position, professional status, perfect physiognomy and, above all, LUST. And it is written that, once the sexual act is consummated sometimes, the spouses suddenly begin to detest each other, until finally there is only a horrible emptiness between them. This is the consequence of LACK OF SELF-OBSERVATION during the period of falling in love. In many countries it is understood by LOVE to meet a GIRL or a BOY and immediately go to bed with that person. If they liked THAT FORNICATION then they are saying “I AM IN LOVE”.

Such people are completely IGNORANT of what it is that we call LOVE. And the worst thing is that THEY ARE IGNORANT OF THE FACT THAT THEY ARE IGNORANT. Statistics from around the world indicate that there are far more divorces than lasting marriages. And what is the cause of this phenomenon? Well, precisely that people get together to have sex without taking into account that LOVE is not only constituted by the sexual force.

In our studies, unfortunately, SEX has a relevant importance due to the fact that Gnosis requires us NOT TO FORNICATE in order to fabricate SOUL, because the rational mammal does not yet possess it and that is very serious. Therefore, based on this circumstance, it so happens that many men, desperately, are looking for a woman to practice SEXUAL MAGIC, and vice versa, many ladies want to unite with a man to, according to them, SELF-REALIZE… These people are ignorant of the fact that, the Secret Path being quite arduous, if we do not have a companion who we really love, sooner or later the probatory gymnasiums that are part of the rocky path will end up causing us to abandon it and everything will be reduced to ASHES. Many times, those FAILED ONES end up blaming their failure on Gnosis itself to which they swore eternal FIDELITY. That is a harsh and sad reality.

In my personal case, as I also receive emails or letters asking me if this or that union is okay so as to formalize a marriage, I have opted for recommending those persons that they SELF-OBSERVE IN-DEPTH and they themselves will find the answer to those sentimental questions. I do not want that later on, if that couple separates further on, they start saying, “Master Kwen Khan Khu was to blame for our moral, sentimental, and marital downfall.” Some even ask me to talk to V.M. Anubis himself to save their marriages. As if your servant were a buddy of the Blessed Anubis and could solve all those cases with a simple talk, ignoring the karmas that each person has accumulated in his life since other existences.

Other people use the ruse of telling their possible boyfriend or girlfriend that they were in other existences the empress this or that, the prince so-and-so, the general such-and-such, etc., etc., etc., and with such assertions ─fruit of their mythomania ─ they throw the bait to see if some gullible little fish bites it and is hooked so as to then brag about a husband or wife. All this is very serious, because we do not allow NATURALNESS to express itself among us and we are always distorting reality, all of which results in MISFORTUNE for each one of us.

For us to come to know TRUE LOVE we urgently need to DIE IN OURSELVES. The death of the “I” then allows the flower of legitimate love to appear in our lives and we come to know the reality of that feeling.

With very good reason the V.M. Samael expressed in a few sentences what he considered LOVE to be, let us see:

“Love is a wine delirium of those who drink it”
“To love, how beautiful it is to love, only the great SOULS know how to love.”


I now add for you a few sentences for reflection:

“Love is not declared, it is proven.

Joseph Mery

“Love admits only love as payment.”

Fernando de Rojas

“Love is the most fruitful teacher in resources.”


“When you love a person despite his faults, you love him more than if he did not have them.”

Edme-Pierre Beauchéne

“When a man truly loves his passion, it penetrates everything and is able to pierce through the earth.”

Rubén Darío

─‘’Not unlike many’─.