Invocation of the Brothers from Space

Invocation of the Brothers from Space 850 480 Universal
The student will place the image here present in a place that is visible from the outside: in the window, or the balcony of his room, etc. The student will lie on his bed and relax his entire body. He will take a few deep breaths for this purpose. Then he will beg his inner Father to invoke the Beings of space so that they come and guide him on his path. Afterwards, he will vocalize the mantras SOLIN SALA RA, in this way: SSSSSOOOOOLIIIIINNNNN… SSSSSAAAAALAAAAA… RRRRRAAAAA… The student will fall asleep pronouncing these mantras and asking the Masters from other planets to guide him and to counsel him during his sleep, and to give him a testimony of their existence and their reality.

Kwen Khan Khu
Practice Revealed by V.M. Kwen Khan Khu