Body, Soul and Spirit. Astral travel

Body, Soul and Spirit. Astral travel

Body, Soul and Spirit. Astral travel 850 480 V.M. Samael Aun Weor

Man is a trio of body, soul and Spirit

The soul is the mediator between the Spirit and the body.

One possesses a soul, one is a Spirit.

The Intimate is the Most High within us. The Intimate is the Spirit.

The Testament of Wisdom says: “Before the false dawn came over this Earth, those who survived the hurricane and the storm praise the Intimate, and to them appeared the heralds of the dawn.”

Between the terrestrial man and the Intimate is the soul.

The soul has an ultra-sensitive and material body with which it travels through space. The body of the soul is the astral body.

Therefore, the astralbody has something human and something divine.

The astral body has its ultra-physiology and its ultra-pathology intimately related with the great sympathetic nervous system and with our internal secretion glands.

The astral body is endowed with marvelous senses with which we can investigate the great Mysteries of Life and Death.

Within the astral are: the mind, the will and the Consciousness.

Our disciples must learn to get out in the astral body. What we are teaching in this chapter is a tremendous reality.

Unfortunately, the brothers of all spiritualist schools totally ignore the use and handling of the astral body. It pains us to see the brothers of the different organizations so ignorant about the use and handling of the astral body.

The brothers of the different spiritualist schools live in the astral with their Consciousness asleep.

When a brother enters the Path, the tenebrous ones of the lunar path usually attack him during sleep. The brothers of the Shadow assume the figure of the Guru to mislead the disciples.

Now we must understand that it is a crime not to teach disciples the use and practical handling of the astral body.

It is necessary for disciples to awaken their Consciousness during sleep so that they can defend themselves against the tenebrous attacks.

To become conscious of the process of sleep is not dangerous. We must become conscious of all our natural functions.

Major Mysteries, chapter 10, ”Body, Soul and Spirit. Astral travel”
Samael Aun Weor