The Seven Churches

The Seven Churches

The Seven Churches 850 480 V.M. Samael Aun Weor

Man is a trio of body, soul and Spirit. Between Spirit and body there is a mediator. This is the Soul.

We, the Gnostics, know that the Soul is dressed in a marvelous suit. That is the astral body. We already know due to our Gnostic studies, that the astral is a double organism endowed with marvelous inner senses.

The great clairvoyants speak to us of seven chakras, and Mr. Leadbeater describes them in great detail. These chakras are really the senses of the astral body. The mentioned magnetic centers are in intimate correlation with the glands of inner secretion.

In the laboratory of the human organism there are seven ingredients subjected to a triple nervous control. The nerves, as agents of the Law of Triangle, control the Glandular Septenary. The three different nervous controls that interact with one another are the following: first, the cerebral-spinal nervous system, agent of conscious functions; second, the great sympathetic nervous system, agent of subconscious, unconscious and instinctive functions; third, the parasympathetic or vagus system, which collaborates by restraining the instinctive functions under the direction of the mind.

The cerebral-spinal system is the throne of the Divine Spirit. The great sympathetic system is the vehicle of the astral. The vagus or parasympathetic obeys the commands of the Mind. Three Rays and seven magnetic centers are the basis for any Cosmos, in the infinitely large as well as in the infinitely small. “As above, so below.”

The seven most important glands of the human organism constitute the seven laboratories controlled by the Law of the Triangle. Each one of these glands has its exponent in a chakra of the organism. Each one of the seven chakras is found located in intimate correlation with the Seven Churches of the spinal cord. The Seven Churches of the spine control the seven chakras of the great sympathetic nervous system.

The Seven Churches enter in intense activity with the ascent of the KUNDALINI throughout the spinal cord. The Kundalini dwells in the electrons. The wise meditate on it, the devotees adore it, and in the homes where Perfect Matrimony reigns, one works with it practically.

The Kundalini is the Solar Fire enclosed in the seminal atoms, the ardent electronic substance of the Sun which, when liberated, transforms us into terribly divine Gods.

The fires of the heart control the ascent of the Kun­dalini through the spinal cord. The Kundalini develops, evolves and progresses according to the merits of the heart. CHURCH OF EPHESUS. This Church is found two fingers above the anus, and two fingers below the genital organs.

The divine Serpent of Fire dozes inside its Church, coiled three and a half times. When the Solar and Lunar Atoms come into contact in the TRIVENI near the coccyx, Kunda­lini, the Igneous Serpent of our magical powers, awakens. As the Serpent rises through the spinal cord, it puts into activity each one of the Seven Churches.

The chakras of the gonads –sexual glands– are governed by Uranus, and the pineal gland, situated in the upper part of the brain, is controlled by Neptune. Between this pair of glands, there is an intimate correlation, and the Kundalini must connect them with the Sacred Fire to achieve the in-depth Realization. The Church of Ephesus is a lotus of four radiant petals. This Church has the brilliance of ten million suns. The Elemental Earth of the Wise is conquered with the power of this Church.

The ascent of the Kundalini to the region of the prostate puts into activity the six petals of the Church of Smyrna. This Church confers on us the power to dominate the elemental waters of life, and the bliss of creating.

When the Sacred Serpent reaches the region of the navel, we can dominate volcanoes, because the elemental fire of the wise corresponds to the Church of Pergamum, situated in the solar plexus. The said center controls the spleen, liver, pancreas etc., etc. This center of Pergamum has ten petals.

With the ascent of the Kundalini to the region of the heart, the Church of Thyatira with its twelve marvelous petals is put into activity. This Church confers on us the power over the elemental air of the wise. The development of that cardiac center confers inspiration, premonition, intuition and powers to get out consciously in the astral body, as well as the powers to put the body into the Jinn state.

The second chapter of the Book of Revelation deals with the four inferior Churches of our organism. These are four centers known as the Fundamental or Basic, the Prostatic, the Umbilical and the Cardiac. Now we shall study the three superior magnetic centers mentioned by the Book of Revelation in the third chapter. These three superior Churches are: the Church of Sardis, that of Philadelphia and finally, that of Laodicea.

The ascent of the Kundalini to the region of the creative larynx confers on us the power to hear the voices of the beings that live in the Superior Worlds. This chakra is related to the pure Akasha. Akasha is the agent of sound. The laryngeal chakra is the Church of Sardis. When the Kundalini opens the Church of Sardis, then it blossoms on our fertile lips made verb. The laryngeal chakra has sixteen beautiful petals.

The complete development of this Akashic Center allows us to conserve our body alive even during the profound nights of the great Pralaya. It is impossible to have the incarnation of the great Verb without having awakened the Sacred Serpent. Precisely, the agent of the verb is the Akasha. This is to the verb what conductive wires are to electricity. The verb needs the Akasha for its manifestation.

Akasha is the agent of sound. The Kundalini is Akasha. Akasha is sexual. The Kundalini is sexual. The magnetic center where the Kundalini normally lives is absolutely sexual, as it is demonstrated by the concrete fact of the place where it is situated: two fingers above the anus, and two fingers below the genital organs. (Four fingers wide is the space where it is situated). It is only possible to awaken the Kundalini and to completely develop it with Sexual Magic. This is what the infrasexuals do not like. They feel that they are super-transcended and they mortally hate Sexual Magic.

On a certain occasion, after listening to a conference that we dictated about Sexual Magic, someone protested saying that this was how we, the Gnostics, corrupted women. This individual was an infra-sexual. The man protested because we teach the Science of Regeneration, but, on the other hand, he did not protest against gay sex, nor against prostitutes, nor against the vice of onanism, nor did he say that those people were corrupted. He protested against the Doctrine of Regeneration but not against the Doctrine of Degeneration. Infrasexuals are like that. They feel immensely superior to all people of normal sexuality. They protest against Regeneration but defend Degeneration.

Infrasexuals can never incarnate the Verb. They spit inside the Sacred Sanctuary of Sex, and the law punishes them, hurling them into the Abyss forever. Sex is the Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit.

When the Kundalini reaches the height of the space between the eyebrows, the Church of Philadelphia opens. This is the Eye of Wisdom. In this magnetic center dwells the Father who is in secret. The chakra of the space between the eyebrows has two fundamental petals and very many splendid radiations. This center is the throne of the mind. No true clairvoyant says that he is one. No true clairvoyant says: “I saw.” The Initiated Clairvoyant says: “we consider.”

Every clairvoyant needs Initiation. A clairvoyant without Initiation is subject to falling into very serious errors. The clairvoyant who lives telling his visions to everyone is subject to losing his faculty. A talkative clairvoyant can also lose the balance of the mind. The clairvoyant must be quiet, humble, modest. The clairvoyant must be like a child.

When the Kundalini reaches the height of the pineal gland, the Church of Laodicea opens. This lotus flower has a thousand shining petals. The pineal gland is influenced by Neptune. When this Church opens, we receive polyvoyance, intuition, etc., etc.

The pineal is intimately related with the chakras of the gonads or sexual glands. The greater the degree of sexual potency, the greater the degree of development of the pineal gland. The lesser the degree of sexual potency, the lesser the degree of development of the pineal gland. URANUS in the sexual organs and NEPTUNE in the pineal gland unite to take us to total Realization.

In the Schools of Regeneration –so mortally hated by infrasexuals– we are taught how to work practically with the Science of Uranus and Neptune.

The TAU Path includes three paths, this being the fourth. Much has been said about the Four Paths. We, the Gnostics, walk the Fourth Path with full consciousness. During the sexual act, we transmute the brutal instincts of the physical body into will, the passionate emotions of the astral into love, the mental impulses into comprehension; and us, as spirits, carry out the Great Work. This is how we walk the Four Paths in practice. We do not need to become fakirs for the first path, nor monks for the second, nor erudite people for the third. The path of the Perfect Matrimony allows us to walk the four paths during the sexual act itself.

From the first to the seventh verse, the Book of Revelation speaks about the coccygeal center. In this center is the Church of Ephesus. In this creative center is found the Igneous Serpent coiled three and a half times. Whoever awakens it and makes it rise through the spinal cord receives the Flaming Sword and enters then into Eden.

In the Serpent is found the redemption of man, but we must be on guard against the astuteness of the Serpent. One must contemplate the forbidden fruit and inhale its aroma, but remember what Lord Jehova said: “If you eat of that fruit you shall die.” We must enjoy the bliss of love and adore the woman. A pretty painting enraptures us, a beautiful piece of music takes us to ecstasy, but a beautiful adorable woman makes us want to possess her during the act. She is the living representation of God-Mother. The sexual act with the adored one has its indisputable delights. Sexual pleasure is a legitimate right of man. Enjoy the bliss of love, but do not spill the semen; do not commit sacrilege; do not be a fornicator. Chastity turns us into Gods, fornication turns us into Demons.

Krumm-Heller said:

“The Sethians adored the great light and said that the Sun, in its emanations, builds a nest in us and constitutes the Serpent.”

The Naassenes said:

«All of you will be Gods if you leave Egypt and cross the Red Sea».

Krumm-Heller tells us in his Gnostic Church that this Gnostic sect had a Chalice as a sacred object from which they drank the semen of Benjamin. This, according to Huiracocha, was a mixture of wine and water. The great Master Krumm-Heller says that the sacred symbol of the Sexual Serpent was never missing from the altars of the Naassenes. In reality, “the force, the power that accompanied Moses was the Serpent on the staff, that later turned into the staff itself. The Serpent was, certainly, the one that spoke to the other serpents and the one that tempted Eve.”

The wise Huiracocha, in another paragraph of his immortal work entitled The Gnostic Church, says:

“Moses, in the desert, showed the Serpent on the staff to his people, and said to them that he who takes advantage of that Serpent would not be injured during his journey.”

The entire marvelous power of Moses resided in the Sacred Serpent of the Kundalini. Moses practiced a great deal of Sexual Magic to raise the Serpent on the staff. Moses had a wife.

In the terrifying night of the past centuries, the sublime and austere Hierophants of the Great Mysteries were the zealous vigilants of the Great Arcanum. The great Sacerdotes had sworn silence, and the key to the Ark of Science was hidden from the eyes of people. Sexual Magic was only known and practiced by the great Sacerdotes. The wisdom of the Serpent is the basis of the Great Mysteries. This was cultivated in the Mystery schools of Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, Persia, Troy, Aztec Mexico, Incan Peru, etc., etc.

Krumm-Heller tells us that “in the song of Homer to Demeter, found in a Russian library, one sees that everything revolved around a physiological-cosmic fact of great transcendence”. In that archaic song of that Man-God, who sang to old Troy and to the wrath of Achilles, Sexual Magic is clearly seen serving as a cornerstone in the great Temple of Eleusis.

The naked dance, the delightful music of the temple, the kiss that enraptures, the mysterious spell of the secret act, made Eleusis a paradise of adorable Gods and Goddesses. Back then no one thought of “indecencies” but of holy and sublime things. It would not have occurred to anyone to profane the temple. The couples knew how to withdraw in time to avoid the spillage of the Sacred Wine.

In Egypt, OSIRIS, the Masculine principle, appears before ISIS, the eternal and adorable Feminine. In this sunny land of Kem, the Lord of all perfection also worked with the Great Arcanum A.Z.F., precisely when he was in his period of initiatic preparation, before the beginning of his mission. Thus, it is written in the memories of Nature.

In Phoenicia, Hercules and Dagon love each other intensely; in Attica, Pluto and Persephone; but, as doctor Krumm-Heller says, already among them, it is clearly spoken of the phallus and the uterus; that is the Lingam-Yoni of the Greek Mysteries.

The great Sacerdotes of Egypt, old heirs of the archaic wisdom which the Atlanteans cultivated, represented the great God IBIS OF THOTH with his virile member in a state of erection, and Krumm-Heller tells that on that erected phallus of Ibis of Thoth was written a phrase that said: “Giver of Reason”. Next to the inscription a lotus flower shone gloriously.

The old sages of Sacred Egypt engraved on their millenarian walls the divine symbol of the Sexual Serpent.

The secret of Sexual Magic was incommunicable. That is the Great Arcanum. Those fools who divulged the unspeakable secret were condemned to death. They were taken to a paved courtyard, and before a millenary wall covered with crocodile skins and undecipherable hieroglyphs, they were beheaded, their hearts were torn out and their cursed ashes were thrown into the four winds.

Now comes to our mind Cazotte, the great French poet who died at the guillotine during the French Revolution. This man prophesized his own death at a famous banquet and the fatal fortune that awaited a certain group of noble Initiates who were planning the divulgation of the Great Arcanum. For some, he prophesized the guillotine, for others, the dagger, poison, jail, exile. His prophecies were fulfilled with absolute accuracy.

In the Middle Ages, everyone who divulged the Great Arcanum was mysteriously killed, whether by Nessus’ shirts, or by small poisoned soaps that arrived as birthday presents at the door of the condemned, or by bouquets of perfumed flowers, or by a dagger.

The Great Arcanum is the key to all powers and the key to all empires. The powers of Nature unleash against the bold ones who try to dominate it. The great Hierophants hide their secret, and the divine Kings do not give the secret key of their power to any mortal. Wretched, miserable is the mortal who, after receiving the secret of Sexual Magic, does not know how to take advantage of it. “For him, it would be better never having been born or to tie a millstone around his neck and hurl himself to the bottom of the sea.”

Nature is not interested in the COSMIC REALIZATION OF MAN, and that is even contrary to its own interests. That is the reason why she opposes, with all her forces, the bold one who wants to dominate it.

It is duly relevant to remember a curious anecdote: On a certain occasion, a poor customs officer was walking along a beach. Suddenly, something caught his attention. He saw amidst the sand lashed by the furious waves of the Caribbean, an object of leather. The man came closer to it and with great surprise found a small suitcase or briefcase of black leather. Immediately, he headed to the captaincy of the harbor and handed that object over to his superior. Having accomplished his mission, he went home. When he went to work the following morning, the superior officer, full of great anger, gave the man a twenty cent coin while telling him: “Imbecile! This is what you deserve; take this coin to hang yourself; you do not deserve to live; buy for yourself a rope with these twenty cents and hang yourself from a tree! Luck came to you and you disregarded it. The suitcase or briefcase that you handed over to me had close to one million dollars. Go away! Get out of here, imbecile! You do not deserve to live!”

In reality, that is the fatal fate that awaits those who do not know how to make the most of the very precious treasure of the Great Arcanum. They do not deserve to live. Never in life had the Great Arcanum of Sexual Magic been taught, and now we are divulging it. Fools are those who, after having found in their path the Treasure of the Kings, disregard it as the guard in the example! The treasure of the Great Arcanum is worth even more than the fortune found by the guard. To disregard this is really to be an imbecile.

To awaken the Kundalini, the woman is needed. However, we must warn that the Initiate must only practice Sexual Magic with only one woman. Those who practice Sexual Magic with different women commit the crime of adultery. They do not progress in these studies. Unfortunately, there are certain individuals who use Sexual Magic as a pretext to seduce women. They are the profaners of the temple. Such type of men inevitably fall into black magic. We warn women to protect themselves well from those perverse characters of sexuality.

There are also many women who, with the pretext of supposedly Realizing themselves in depth, get together with any male. What those passionate women want is to satiate their carnal desires. The world is the world, and since we are divulging the Great Arcanum, there have appeared, as was expected, the swine who trample on the Doctrine and then die poisoned by the Bread of Wisdom. The cult of Sexual Magic can only be practiced between husband and wife. We clarify this in order to avoid seductions and carnal abductions, and holy passionate lusts.

The Sexual Force is a terrible weapon. Scientists have not been able to find the origin of electricity. We affirm that the cause of electrical energy must be sought in the universal sexual force. That force does not only reside in the organs of sexuality, but also in all the atoms and electrons of the Universe. Sunlight is a product of sexuality. A hydrogen atom sexually unites with a carbon atom to produce solar light. Hydrogen is masculine; carbon is feminine. From the se­xual union of both results in solar light. The studies of the processes of carbon turn out to be very interesting. Those processes are the gestation of light.

We must search for the causa causarum of electricity in the Universal Serpentine Fire. That Fire dwells in the electrons. The wise meditate on it, the mystics adore it, and those who follow the path of the Perfect Matrimony work with it practically.

The Sexual Force in the hands of White Mages and Black Mages is a terrible weapon. Thought attracts the sexual fluid to the spine in order to deposit it in its respective sack. With the fatal spilling of that fluid, billions of Solar Atoms are lost. The movement of sexual contraction that follows the spilling of semen gathers, from the atomic infernos of man, billions of Satanic Atoms that replace the lost Solar Atoms. This is how we form the Devil within us.

When we refrain the sexual impulse in us, then the marvelous fluid returns to the astral body multiplying its ineffable splendors. This is how we form the Christ within us. Thus, with the sexual energy we can form within ourselves the Christ or the Devil.

The Great Master, as the incarnated Cosmic Christ, said:

“I am the Bread of Life; I am the Living Bread. If someone eats of that Bread, he shall live eternally. He, who eats my Flesh and drinks my Blood, will have eternal life, and I will resurrect him. He who eats my Flesh, and drinks my Blood, dwells in Me, and I in him.”

Christ is the Solar Soul, the living Spirit of the Sun. He, with his life, makes the spike of wheat grow, and in the grain, in the seed, all of the potency of the Solar Logos is contained. Within every plant, animal or human seed, the Christonic substance of the Solar Logos is contained, as if within a precious sheath.

By making the creative energy return inward and upward, a marvelous child, a Christified astral body germinates, is born within us. That vehicle bestows upon us Immortality. That is our mediator Chrestos. With that vehicle we reach the Father who is in secret. “No one comes to the Father except through Me”, said the Lord of All Perfection.

The astral specter that mortals possess is nothing more than a shadow of a man. It does not even have unity. That façade specter is a den of demons and of all kinds of filthy and loathsome fowls. Within that astral specter lives the “I” –the Devil–. This is an Infernal Legion. The “I” is a Legion. Just as a body is composed of many atoms, thus also the “I” is composed of millions of “I’s”, diabolic intelligences, repugnant demons who quarrel among themselves. When a person dies, he becomes that: “Legion”. In himself, the person becomes dust. Only this remains living: a Legion of “I’s”.

Clairvoyants usually meet the disincarnated dressed in a different manner and simultaneously in different places. The person seems to have become many people; it is Legion. However, when we have made a Christic astral body be born in us, we continue living in that sidereal body after death. Then we really are immortal.

That type of people who possess a Christified astral body find themselves, after death, with awaken Consciousness. The common and ordinary disincarnated people live after death with the Consciousness asleep. Death is really the return to fetal conception. Death is the return to the seed. Everyone who dies returns to a new maternal womb, totally unconscious, asleep.

People do not even have the Soul incarnated. The Souls of people are disincarnated. People only have an embryo of Soul incarnated. Evil people do not even have that embryo of Soul. Only by possessing the Christified astral body can we incarnate the Soul. The common and ordinary people are only a vehicle of the “I”. The name of each mortal is Legion.

Only with Sexual Magic can we make the Christic astral be born within us. Temptation is Fire; triumph over temptation is Light.

Refrained desire will make the Astral liquid rise upward, toward the pineal gland, and this is how the Adam-Christ, the Superman, is born within us.

The Perfect Matrimony, Chapter VII,
Samael Aun Weor