The esoteric limits in the case of being a woman

Clarification on the esoteric limits in the case of being a woman

Clarification on the esoteric limits in the case of being a woman 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dearly beloved companions:

I approach you with the purpose of reaching a…


Many times many women have wondered why women are not able to carry out the entire Great Work. Herein lies an answer from our Avatar when asked about this matter by his disciples, let us see:

Disciple: Master, why do women have to take on the body of a man to reach the Venustic Initiation?

Master: I will answer the question with utmost pleasure. Certainly, the Venustic Initiation is the superior octave of the Initiation of Fire. Normally the Initiate who has reached the Fifth Initiation of Fire can, from that moment, enter the Venustic Initiation.

He would then begin with the First Venustic [Initiation], superior octave of the First of Fire; followed by the Second Venustic, superior octave of the Second of Fire; Third Venustic, superior octave of the Third of Fire; Fourth Venustic, superior octave of the Fourth of Fire; Fifth Venustic, superior octave of the Fifth of Fire. Then he continues with the Sixth Venustic, Seventh Venustic and Eighth Venustic. On reaching the Eighth, one enters the Temple of the Twice Born, one reaches the summit, so to speak, of the First Mountain, which is that of Initiation.

As for the women, my dear brothers, I will explain. The woman can also go through with complete clarity all the Five Initiations of Fire. When a woman –and this is something that I am going to clarify fully– has a  body that is far too worn out, too heavy, too old, when she can no longer carry out the Great Work and she needs to enter the Venustic, then she is given a new body which is more favorable for the work, a body of male nature. Now with that vehicle, loaded with virility, she can really put herself into the work of Venustic; that is all.

But if the woman is still strong, young, if she has truly managed to reach the heights of the Adepthood in a single reincarnation, she can also enter the Venustic with that female body. It would not be obligatory, in this case, to change vehicles, with the same one that she has she could enter the Venustic Initiation.

This is not contradictory to what I am saying. What happens is that many ladies arrive at the Fifth Initiation of Fire when they are already very old, when they have to disincarnate. Then the Great Law gives them a male vehicle to continue their work. The case of Blavatsky is a concrete fact: she disincarnated in her old age. So now she will be given a male body so that she can enter with energy into the Venustic Initiation.

But –I repeat– if the body is young, if the body can endure the ordeals of Initiation, if it can still transmute its creative energies, then she can also achieve the Venustic in her present existence and with the body she has; that is all.

Excerpt from the conference given by the V.M. Samael, entitled “Gnostic discourse on the end times”, volume 2 of The Fifth Gospel─.

It is necessary to understand, friends, that to go through the Second and Third Mountains of the Secret Path, physical and moral forces are needed, because the processes that all this entails are linked to many sufferings of all kinds. Only with the help of the intimate Christ is it possible to reach these esoteric summits.

I hope this excerpt has been useful to many companions who share our sacred teachings.

I leave you now some sentences to be brought to reflection:

“Martyrdom requires that there be struggle, that is, someone who contests virtue or truth.”
P. Vitoria

“Martyrdom is a rubric of faith.”
Fray Damián Cornejo

“You will experience how bitter the bread of others is, and how hard a path it is to go up and down stairs for others.”

“Sincerity is the mother of truth, and the sign of the honest man guarantees our words and fixes our thoughts.”

“Do not use wicked artifices; think with simplicity and justice, and speak as you think.”

─’The sword of God’─.