Signatura rerum, Jakob Böhme

Signatura rerum

Signatura rerum 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dearest reader friends:

On this occasion, I send you the engraving entitled…


─’The signature in all things’─

Signatura rerum, Jakob Böhme

The engraving in question was made by Jacob Böhme (1575-1624) in one of his posthumous works. For many of the researchers this book is considered one of the most difficult of his writings.

A few words allude to what we have mentioned before:

The signature of things.

Showing the symbol and meaning of the various forms and figures in creation.

And that which is the beginning, the ruin and the healing of all things proceeds from eternity in time, and again from time in eternity and comprises all mysteries…

To analyze it, we will begin by observing the cross that within it carries the two words: SIGNATURA RERUM, which also becomes the title of this engraving. Certainly, Gnosis tells us that the power is in the cross –a title with which the Avatar of Aquarius baptized one of his first pamphlets back in 1949–. The cross is the emblem of the interweaving of all the energies that then constitute the infinite forms of that which we call creation.

Behind that cross we see, in the sky of our engraving, a triangle that carries within it the Hebrew words IOD-HE-VAU-HE, which synthesize the word JEHOVAH. We must not forget that IOD-HEVE is the representation of the masculine and feminine forces present in the work of the Creator. On the other hand, VAU-HE once again allegorizes this binomial of male-female forces. This leads us to consider that everything created is the fruit of the ELOHIM acting on the cosmic stage through a sacred copulation ordered and set in motion by the intelligence of the supreme Theomegalogos.

It should be noted that from the triangle which we have just deciphered we see seven great rays of light come forth, a direct allegory of the law of the most sacred Heptaparaparshinok –THE LAW OF SEVEN–, which is well known in our studies. On the other hand, the triangle configures the no less sacred LAW OF THREE or LAW OF TRIAMAZIKAMNO. These two laws are the axis of everything created. That is why we say that the LAW OF THREE CREATES and the LAW OF SEVEN ORGANIZES.

From this triangle emanate wings to represent God Himself, for He is something present at all times, even if the eyes of the humanoid cannot perceive Him. For this reason, a very ancient Gnostic hymn tells us:

“I believe in the Father as an impersonal entity, ineffable and unrevealed, that no one has seen, but whose force, creative power, has been and is crystallised in the perennial rhythm of creation…”

Unquestionably, the first triangle that we observe points to God in abscondito, or unmanifested AIN of the Kabbalists, the one of whom the Great Kabir of Galilee spoke when his disciples asked him: “When shall we see that Father whom you mention so often?” and he answered them: ” Whoever has seen the Son has seen the Father!”, since the Son is one with the Father, as the Gnostic theological tradition has established for millennia…

It should be noted, dear readers, that on either side of this first triangle we can contemplate two large fires that match two others: one to the right and the other to the left of the engraving studied here. These four fires symbolize the eternal TETRAGRAMMATON.

Further down, however, we find another triangle, also winged, which presides over all the cosmoses marked by the zodiacal belt in the first circle. In a second energetic circle are shown to us the symbols of six main planets, namely: SUN ─within the second triangle─, MOON, MARS, SATURN, VENUS and JUPITER… It is important to note that the Sun is linked to the Moon by the ends of a vertical pole. This vertical pole crosses with another horizontal one, again to show us the generating and regenerating power of the symbol of the cross. We have already said in previous messages that the cross is also the symbol of the DIVINE IO –Divine Womb of the Universe–, fecundated by the EGYPTIAN RA, made up of a circle with a black dot in the center. This is the MASCULINE LINGAM EMBEDDED IN THE FEMALE YONI. From there, all the electricity in the Universe is born.

These two sticks of this cross are accompanied by other segments, but the vertical stick that springs from the Sun of the second triangle is buried in a cube containing precisely a Moon. These are the two components of the GREAT ALCHEMICAL WORK: the Sun, the Sulphur, and the Moon, the Mercury…..

Equally important is the fact that you can see some circles –four in total– on the white cross that connects the second triangle with a cube. These energetic circles refer directly to the dimensions that go from the causal world, through the mental world, through the astral world and ending in the physical world.

The cube into which the vertical pole enters, which forms a cross with its companion, the horizontal pole, is the very same PHILOSOPHER’S STONE, STONE OF THE PHILOSOPHERS, SALT STONE or STONE OF SPLENDORS.

Within this Stone we can see an inverted triangle that indicates the descent of the divine forces toward the microcosm of man.

Underneath this stone we can see the presence of a kind of castle, in the centre of which we find the figure of the CHRESTOS allegorized by a lamb carrying the flag of liberation on its back. That lamb is the paschal lamb that has traditionally been called the LAMB OF GOD, for just as a lamb was led to the slaughter, so Jesus carried the cross on which he was martyred and crucified to show us the way back to the Father who is in the heavens. The ultimate purpose of man’s existence on earth is none other than to strive to incarnate his SALVADOR SALVANDUS ─his intimate Christ─, who is his authentic liberator and his Lord of Perfections.

The castle has three entrances to access it. These three doors lead us to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the three forces that together create.

Signatura rerum, Jakob Böhme (Detail of the engraving)
Detail of the engraving.

I now add for you some important statements made about the controversial author of this precious engraving:

Böhme’s thesis presented in the book can be summed up as follows: everything in the material world bears the imprint or ‘mark’ or ‘signature’ of its spiritual complement, and by understanding these signatures and the relationship between them one can gain a vision of the divine.

Creation, natural processes, human life move due to internal forces that determine external phenomena of Nature. According to Böhme the philosopher can read in things—in their forms and symbolic values, in their “signature”—of their inner origin and essence. Divinity reveals itself through Nature.

Böhme, defending himself against the accusation of pantheism, said:

May everyone here reflect and let me off the hook. I do not say that Nature is God […], but I say that God gives strength to all life, whether bad or good, to each according to his desire […]. So, from Him and through Him everything is; everything that is not His love is His wrath.

Then the sophist will misinterpret it and say that I mix everything into one thing and that I consider Nature to be God […]. I tell him to take a good look at my words and learn to understand them correctly […]. Therefore, let him pay attention to its meaning: I do not write in a pagan manner, but theosophically, for a reason superior to the external.’

I now add a few sentences for your reflection:

“There is no revolution other than that of time.”
Miguel de Unamuno

“Revolutions are the hyperbaton of society.”
Gabriel Alomar

“The evils of the world will last until philosophers become kings or kings become philosophers.”

“Never does the virtuous man appear greater in the sight of the whole world than when he courageously suffers the injustices of fate; then it seems that he measures his strength against those of fate and that he fights hand to hand with it.”
Baron of Holbach

“With patience suffer poverty, sickness, toils and reproaches for God’s sake, and you will be rewarded.”
Saint Teresa

─‘We do not learn for school but for life’─.