Cosa significa essere ingrati verso il nostro Reale Essere?

What does it mean to be ungrateful to our Real Being?

What does it mean to be ungrateful to our Real Being? 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Appreciated readers:

I allow myself to send you, in this message, a few words concerning:


On some occasions we have addressed the issue of INGRATITUDE from various points of view. However, we must come to understand how delicate it is for us to be UNGRATEFUL toward our inner reality.

Thanks to Gnosis we have all come to know that in our depths we have our INDIVIDUAL DAIMON or REAL BEING OF THE HERMETIC PHILOSOPHY. Likewise, the V.M. Samael Aun Weor showed us a REVOLUTIONARY path through which we can, if we walk it correctly, unite, integrate with that TIMELESS AND DIVINE ENERGY.

But, as always, we can never focus our spiritual, psychic and physical efforts toward a goal if we don’t know what that goal is about first; therefore, although many of us say prayers to our REAL BEING wanting to communicate with Him, it is indispensable that they be made with GREAT CONSCIOUS FAITH and not with BLIND FAITH.

In this regard it is important to understand that it was the will of our own BEING that brought us to life, either to cancel debts from previous existences or to show us horizons of infinite possibilities that open to every soul when put into the wheel of existence.

Just as there are Angels of Death, who are in charge of cutting our Antahkarana cord at the time of our death, it is also good to know that there are Angels of Life, who, by command of the BEING and with the permission of the GREAT LAW, connect the male zoosperm with the female ovule and remain in the laboratory of the female womb throughout the entire gestation process joining molecules, atoms, forces, etc., so that the prototype of what will be our future vehicle in this three-dimensional world in which we are will take shape. All this is a true WORK OF GENETIC ENGINEERING carried out by the Angels of Life in accordance with our REAL INNER BEING. That is why AN ABORTION is a FULL-FLEDGED MURDER before the divine and before the human, because we directly attack the will of our inner Father, to whom, cynically, we pray the LORD’S PRAYER and we live begging him that HIS WILL TO BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN THE HEAVENS!! SO, WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE US? Do we love or do we not love the BEING above all things, as indicated by the FIRST COMMANDMENT OF THE MOSAIC LAW…? If we are not able to maintain our loyalty to the divine, it is simply because we are RUBBISHY CHRISTIANS, which is very serious.

Once we have been brought to this setting, the BEING has already foreseen everything: house, clothes, food, physical parents, uncles, etc., etc., etc.; and our mother breastfed us during the time needed for us to grow and, in the long run, we had a reinforcement of energies that we today in Gnosis call BOBBIN-KANDELNOSTS VALUES. Undoubtedly these values, more or less, depending on each case, were granted, with mediation of the GREAT LAW, according to our karmas and dharmas that we brought to this existence… Nothing is unforeseen.

What follows next is really amazing. We begin to live our childhood, which is an adorable time –unless, unfortunately, a karma stands between us and joy from an early age–. In those days INNOCENCE allows us to see, feel, perceive a great many SUPERNATURAL things that we, unfortunately, forget as we grow up and our ancient EGOS enter our occult anatomy. It is unfortunate!

We reach puberty and new phenomena begin to appear to support us in our existence. The SEXUAL ENERGY comes to us which certainly, as we today know through Gnosticism, plays a PREPONDERANT role in our life, along with other hormones, which are responsible for giving consistency to our bones, our brain and our body in general. All this is given for free by the goodness of our REAL BEING. It is at this time that we begin to wonder many things that we do not understand in their origin… Why do the stars exist? Why does the SUN shine so bright? Why are there other planets in the Solar System? Why are there animals, the different plants, the rivers, the mountains, the seas…? And a long etcetera…

Following the course of our existence we then reach adolescence and the planet Venus influences us, awakening in us the SEXUAL PANG toward the opposite sex. Obviously, all these things are influenced not only by the planets, but also by the Law of Recurrence. Regrettably, adolescence almost always ends up being a FEVER OF ALCOHOL, INSOBRIETIES, DRUGS, MASTURBATIONS, FORNICATIONS, DISORDERLY BEHAVIORS, etc., etc., etc., which, unfortunately, we will have to pay later on, THIRTY YEARS LATER, with diseases, psychological turmoil, loss of sexual potency at a very young age and endless problems that accumulate before us.

When we arrive at the YOUTH –which is called AGE OF RESPONSIBILITY although today it should be called THE AGE OF IRRESPONSIBILITY–, then we find the dilemma of seeking our place in society, and now many UNCERTAINTIES arise in us, starting with not knowing what to CHOOSE as a profession or trade. If we finally achieve a space in the social world it is only due to, dear friends, the wisdom and goodness of our BEING, for it is He who pulls the strings so that we do not get dumped on the street. This is how the Father is…

The curious thing about all this is that this has been done by our INTIMATE REALITY since the very dawn of Creation, from the first moment our Monad wanted to come to this Maha-Manvantara and very much despite the fact that at that time –which theology registers with the name of EARTHLY PARADISE because the ANIMAL EGO was not yet in us– we turned our back on our Monad, we betrayed her and began to wander through what would then become for us a VALLEY OF TEARS; that was the first FRIGHTFUL display of INGRATITUDE. Despite this, the BEING, in his infinite love, has been observing us ever since, knowing first-hand our ATROCITIES OF ALL KINDS, and even advocating for each of us before the COURT OF JUSTICE so that the punishments we deserved and continue to deserve would be reduced in their pain so that in this way we may be able to feel REMORSE for what we have been doing throughout the centuries.

The FOURTH COMMANDMENT of Mosaic law tells us clearly: YOU SHALL HONOR YOUR FATHER AND YOUR MOTHER! And what has been our response to this commandment? What has been our homage to our BEING? When have we honored Him? How many lives have we remembered Him? Have we come to reflect upon his existence? Have we thanked God Mother for having gestated our own body that we have today? Etc., etc., etc. The answer is one: THE MEMORY OF THE REASON FOR OUR EXISTENCE HAS NOT EVEN CROSSED OUR MINDS… Only Gnosis appeared in our path and stopped our CRAZY WANDER so as to start to have glimpses of why we exist, where we come from, where we are going, etc., etc., etc.

When mature age arrives we begin to suffer various ailments as a result of our abuses in the previous stages of our sad life. Then, instead of going into deep reflections to try to know what our failures have been, our tendency is to PROTEST against everything and against everyone, especially against divinity.

Finally, already swallowed by life and its various lures or traps, we begin to GROW OLD and our sufferings and riddles or uncertainties begin to GROW: and what will happen to me when I die? Where am I going to end up, HEAVEN OR HELL? Does heaven exist? Does hell exist? Is it all a simple lie by the religions? Etc., etc., etc. We always end up banging our head against the wall for not having found a satisfactory answer.

However, curiously enough, OUR BEING always wanted, in some way, to lead us on the path of AWAKENING OUR CONSCIOUSNESS by means of some concern: perhaps a dream that affected us, an unexpected situation that astonished us when we had to go through it, or perhaps seeing the things that happen to others; but, regrettably, dear readers, the “I” HAS TAKEN CARE OF taking away the importance of all of this for us so that we continue in the DARK DREAM that has turned us into machines that only know how to EAT, SLEEP, WORK AND FORNICATE; that has been our bitter reality.

Now what good are our prayers that we only do, oftentimes, out of FEAR and not out of DEEP CONVICTION? We must remember that the BEING is OMNISCIENT and knows the interiors of the interiors and exteriors of the exteriors, so it is written in the Pistis Sophia!, and therefore He knows when we are sincere and when we only make the pantomime, LET US NOT FORGET IT!!!!

Nor should we forget that the only objective of our existence is to GET TO KNOW AND TO INCARNATE THE BEING, the rest is absolutely UNIMPORTANT, EMPTY, ABSURD, however great it may appear to the crowds. We have left the Absolute Abstract Space and our only duty is to return to it but with THE EXPERIENCE ACQUIRED over millennia, in other words, we must return to the Father as SELF-REALIZED.

May I be allowed to finish these pages by giving you a few phrases for reflection:

“Mercy and Truth have met together; Righteousness and Peace have kissed!”
Psalm of the Bible

 “Among the attributes of God, although they are equal, Mercy shines with even more brilliance than Justice.” 

“Blessed are the merciful because they will obtain mercy”.
Gospel of St. Matthew

“Mystery besieged us, and it is precisely what we see and do every day that hides the greatest sum of mysteries from us.”

“When the heart cries for what has been lost the Spirit laughs for what it has found.”
Sufi Doctrine