Calming the mind with a Koan

Calming the Mind with the Help of a Koan

Calming the Mind with the Help of a Koan 850 480 V.M. Samael Aun Weor

The devotee, in a place where nothing can disturb him, will let his muscles become totally relaxed. He will carefully observe his psyche, trying to make all those bird-thoughts that flutter incessantly disappear.

Under no circumstances should the student forget how easy it is to identify with the mind. To stare at egoic thoughts is to fall fatally before her powerful gaze, the petrifying gaze of the Medusa.

When the devotee feels ready, he shall start a koan exercise. He should ask his own mind: “If all things are reduced to unity, what is unity reduced to?”

The disciple should fix this question and not allow the mind to escape, evade, distract, etc. She will try to impose her vile criterion, her nefarious will: the power of the Beast. If he allows her to take the reins, failure is assured.

The student will hammer his own mind ceaselessly with that question, forcing it to answer. If he succeeds in tiring it, then the devotee will overcome and will be able to experience that which is far beyond the mind, that which is the Real…

Samael Aun Weor
For the Few, chapter “Sunyata”
Calming the Mind with the Help of a Koan