Giambettino Cignaroli - The Death of Socrates. Why is the phenomenon of death so intimidating to us?

Why is the phenomenon of death so intimidating to us in the Western world?

Why is the phenomenon of death so intimidating to us in the Western world? 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dear friends:

I am writing you a few lines about a question that deserves to be answered:


First of all we must take into consideration that everything that is born has to die on any given day. This is a law of Nature and we verify it every day. This is one more phenomenon underlying the law of relativity

The day itself dies so that night is born, the seasons are dying to make way for the following ones, the very Cosmic Day ─Maha-Manvantara─ perishes to give rise to the Pralaya ─Cosmic Night─, etc., etc., etc.

It is very sad that our vaunted Western civilization is far removed from these truths that are very important to take into account in our transit through the carousel of existence. In the Eastern hemisphere, where Buddhism is more widely cultivated than Christianity, people are accustomed to parting from their loved ones when the hour of death arrives. In addition, they know that this death in many cases will be temporary, because they know the Law of Reincarnation or Return which, unfortunately, forces souls to return to this valley of tears that they call Samsara.

Much of these fears of death have been caused by the Catholic dogma which has made people believe that we only live once and then we will be sent to heaven or hell just because. This was due to the immense alterations that have been made to the Bible and the fears that the Catholic Church itself instilled in its parishioners by telling them that he who dies without receiving the sacraments and without having confessed will go to hell. These lies have led humanity to not want to accept DEATH when it presents itself in our lives as a natural phenomenon.

The worst of all this is that, psychically speaking, while Consciousness is bottled up in a thousand stupidities, when it comes to separating ourselves from our dense form and moving on to dwell in the astral world, then we take to that region our tribulations, fears, pains that we were suffering when we were in our agonies, and there we will continue complaining about all these woes although we are no longer suffering them because they will be simple mental forms that continue to torment us in the region of the dead…  What a disgrace…!

To make matters worse, people bury their loved ones in cemeteries by placing a tombstone that reads: RIP ─requiescat in pace, which should be translated as ‘rest in peace!’, and we will add: what peace? Did that person perhaps spend his life studying himself, self-observing his psychology, etc., etc., etc.?

Added to all this OMNIUM-GATHERUM, stands the fact that the education we have received from the Catholic Church has created for all of us UNHEALTHY ATTACHMENTS that do not allow us to appreciate the free flow of existence in the three-dimensional world and in other dimensions. So, when we lose a loved one it seems that the WORLD IS GOING TO END for us instead of trying to understand that EVERYTHING PASSES. This is very difficult for our Western society to understand because we have never been educated to TRUST FULLY IN OUR BEING, to meditate on Him, to pray constantly to Him. As the popular proverb goes: “We only remember Santa Barbara when it thunders.” We remember God only when the water reaches our necks. That is the sad and harsh reality……

To top it all off, Catholic dogma affirms that, once dead, if we have consumed the holy Christian unction then we will automatically go straight to heaven, although in our life that has just ended we have been criminals, mafiosi, gangsters, Machiavellian scientists who have ended millions of lives using infernal vaccines that they have invented,  politicians who have taken thousands of souls to war so that they kill each other fooled by ideas of freedom, liberation, economic improvements, defeating tyrants, etc., etc., etc.

In one of his conferences, V. M.  Samael says that on one occasion he met the one that history called NAPOLEON. When he was close to that character he said to him: “Friend, what are you doing with that outfit and with that arrogant attitude?”, to which the aforementioned character replied: “Don’t you see who I am? I am Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France…” That is what that fool answered, and to top it all Master Samael observed a huge herd of pigs trailing behind him. Who were those pigs? Well, the huge military crowds that followed him and that were now already involuting!!!  That is the great tragedy of continuing with our Consciousness asleep, dear readers…

Unquestionably, the FEAR OF DEATH denotes our ignorance about this phenomenon. If people knew and experienced that, while we sleep in bed, our soul escapes into the superior dimensions of space and that, when that soul awakens, that energy is again imprisoned in our physical form, things would be very different. However, dialectical materialism and historical materialism have led us to believe that we only possess this three-dimensional body and that causes us bitterness.

The Eastern schools teach people that we are a trio of matter, energy and Consciousness, and that in addition to our three-dimensional body we energetically carry other corporeal structures with which we operate in hyperspace. Even the ancient Egyptians spoke of the sevenfold constitution of man, stating that we possessed:

  1. The mummy or the Khat ─the material body─.
  2. The Kaibith ─the etheric body─.
  3. The Ka ─the astral body─.
  4. The Ab ─or mental body─.
  5. The Ku ─the body of willpower─.
  6. The Ank ─body of Consciousness─.
  7. The Sahú ─divine body─.

These and many other wonderful truths began to disappear from our world because of the atheism that permeated the Western mentality with the arrival of the positivism of Auguste Comte, which received its final stamp with the communism of Mr. Karl Marx.

Contemporary Samaelian Gnosticism is trying to resurrect all these treasures and, moreover, is handing over to the social masses esoteric or metaphysical practices so that everyone can verify for themselves the reality contained in all these assertions.

Keep watch and persevere, you still have time…, very ancient Gnostic ceremonials tell us…

I now give you some sentences for your reflection:

“Then the dust will return to the earth as it was, and the spirit will return to God who gave it.”
The Bible

“Very close to the twilight of my life I hear the immortal symphonies of the worlds that invite me.  It’s wonderful but simple.”
Victor Hugo

“Life is the childhood of our immortality.”

“For a man to sell his voice or his silence is for him to sell his soul.”
Vincenzo Gioberti

─‘Thus passes the glory of the world’─.