Pia Desideria, The soul, tied to a yoke, moving the stone of a mill or oil mill

The soul, tied to a yoke, moving the stone of a mill or oil mill

The soul, tied to a yoke, moving the stone of a mill or oil mill 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dearly beloved friends:

I take up the pen to address you and, on this occasion, to talk to you about two engravings ─which are similar─ and that are originally from the book Pia Desideria. Both deal with…


This theme of the soul tied to a yoke is really very ancient, it is even part of the punishment to which souls are subjected while they are subject to the WHEEL OF FATALITIES or SAMSARA, typical of the Tibetan and Hindu theogonies. Certainly, even in the Christian Holy Scriptures the case of the hero SAMSON is mentioned,who, having allowed himself to be seduced by DALILA, lost his animic and physical strength, even losing the spiritual vision that made him invincible in the face of the dangers of human existence. It is very important to note that, in these cases, the stone that rotates on an axis always symbolized, esoterically, sexuality and the weight of destiny.

In the present engraving the soul is tied with ropes that are attached to chains, which do not let it escape its martyrdom, while an angelic individual fulfills the task of whipping it because of the various debts that this soul has accumulated in its existence. This is how the Law of Karma and its Archons acts, dear readers: persecuting us here, there and everywhere to collect our accumulated tithes for our evil deeds both committed in previous existences and in the present one.

This illustration is accompanied by a Latin phrase that reads as follows:

"Vide humilitatem meam et laborem meum et dimitte universa delicta mea. Psal. 24:18».


‘See my misery and suffering, and do not consider all my trespasses or sins.’

The aforementioned exclamation is the soul’s permanent plea to the Archons of Destiny, begging them for mercy and help.

The soul, tied to a yoke, moving the stone of a mill or oil mill

In the English variant, the engraving is more elaborate, let us see:

Pia Desideria, The soul, tied to a yoke, moving the stone of a mill or oil mill

In this other case, patient reader, the engraving shows us a whole mechanism that is set in motion precisely to punish souls.

In both the first and the second engraving, the punished soul has its eyes blindfolded, as a warning of the state of sleeping Consciousness in which it finds itself, which leads it to the incessant repetition of its own mistakes. Our blindness, esteemed reader, does not allow us to see the profundity of our mistakes and this makes our lives more adverse.

The engraving is accompanied by a phrase in English that tells us:

«Look upon my adversity and misery, and forgive me all my sin. Psal. 25:17».

Translation of the general comment on the image:

‘The heavy and tireless wheel spins around me, and I find that my endless task is still beginning: within this circle, bound by a strange magic, I am still in motion, but I gain no ground’.

All this tells us that, certainly, it seems that our karmas do not end and that, despite wanting to get out of this trap, we do not manage to gain ground toward our liberation. Gnostically, we all know that the only way to abandon our karmas is by applying the three factors of the Revolution of Consciousness and TRYING TO LIVE VOLUNTARY SUFFERINGS AND CONSCIOUS SACRIFICES….….

Then, another text follows that tells us:

‘However, I am not so tired of my chains, I am still putting on others. Because sin always has this accompanying curse, to support the first transgression with a worse one. And although I saw the threatening plague from afar, all the danger could not deter my will. Thus, vice and virtue divide my soul, like a ship harassed between wind and tide. Pleasure, the procurer of vice, attracts me here. There, pain, its follower, attracts me again; however, pleasure comes victorious from the field, and makes my soul pay its homage to vice. Pain makes a triumphal walk with vice placed, like the slave, next to the great conqueror’.

‘Thus, vice and virtue alternately dominate, while I, with endless labor, submit to both, and to increase my pains, as if they were too small, your heavy hand comes from behind all [the hand of karma] and, with strong and penetrating blows, corrects that sin, which in itself had been more than punished. Oh! Mercifully examine my pain, and use some gentler methods of relief! ‘…..

That is the terrible dilemma in which our Essence moves, dear friends, and all for our lack of resolution.