The obelisk

The obelisk

The obelisk 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dearly beloved readers:

It gives me enormous pleasure to send you a few words concerning this engraving entitled…


The present engraving was also the work of the German writer and mystic Karl Von Eckartshausen, who lived between the years 1752 and 1803.

The obelisk, Karl Von Eckartshausen

To begin with, we have to say that obelisks were first shown as part of Egyptian architecture. They, the Egyptians, direct descendants of the Atlanteans, arrived in the lands of Cairona and there they began to lay the foundations of what would later be a great empire of both light and great architectural imagery.

Each obelisk always symbolized enormous hermetic-spiritual triumphs achieved by a certain pharaoh during his reign. Unfortunately, many of them have disappeared from their place of origin due to the plundering of many archaeologists who took to their countries such sacred relics to use them as part of the adornment of their cities… That has been one of the tragedies of our history.

In the present engraving the central figure is, precisely, a huge obelisk that is accompanied by a phrase in Latin that tells us: “A deo sapientia et virtus”, and the translation of it would be as follows:  ‘From God come wisdom and Virtue’

Gnostically speaking, we all know that, without a doubt, true wisdom and the power of virtues are the absolute patrimony of our profound inner BEING. The “I”, the animal Ego and its reasonings, have nothing to do with the expressions of the absolute Truth belonging to the intelligence of our Father who is in secret. This will never be accepted by the intellectualoids who have filled their minds with the pseudo-truths learned in the universities of our world.

This is what is referred to in that other Latin phrase that is on one side of this wonderful construction and that tells us: “In tenebris quaerunt lucem”, which translates as follows:  ‘They seek in vain the light in the darkness’… What does this phrase really refer to? Well, precisely, to the labyrinth of intellectualoid theories that have been poured, through the centuries, on the mysteries that these portentous works of stone art enclose. The intellectual world of our days is very far from understanding that obelisks, deep down, are like the repetition of many pyramids, one on top of another, which finally end up making what we could call this lapis philosophorum.

Each pyramid, built anywhere in our world, constitutes a solar offering to the transcendental knowledge of the ancient cultures that have historically preceded the current race. The pyramids were never conceived to serve as tombs, as the pseudo-sapients of our days continue to believe, no. The pyramids were and still are initiatory centers in which the great Hierophants of that Neptunian-Amentine civilization were educated. When we speak of Hierophants we must not forget that there were also Hierophantines or women endowed with wonderful metaphysical faculties that made them Masters of authentic wisdom.

It is easy to see two young people –a boy and a girl– at the foot of this obelisk trying to capture the real meaning of that sacred piece that is raised before their eyes. This indicates, means, that it is not enough to try to understand all the esoteric-divine sense that may be enclosed in a millenary sculptural piece.

Very different are the two old men who, on the other side of this ancient monument, are trying to scrutinize all the secrets surrounding it. That is why we see them reviewing scrolls that allow them to shed some light on this magnificent work of art.

Likewise, in referring to that sphere that is close to those old men, we make it clear to all of you, dear readers, that it does not refer to the mercurial chaos, but to the knowledge spread over the face of our world.

At the top of this obelisk we can see a triangle within which there is an eye. We have already explained in other of our investigations that such an eye represents divine wisdom, and therefore is enclosed in a triangle representative of the three primary forces that sustain creation, namely:  the Holy Affirming, the Holy Denying and the Holy Conciliating ─Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the language of the Christian tradition─. It is incontestable that such an eye symbolizes the divine omniscience capable of being present at every moment, in any place, supervising its own work –the creation–.

On the visible side of our obelisk you can read some words also written in Latin, they are the following:

  • FIDES ─which is to be translated as FAITH─.
  • SPES ─which translates as HOPE─.
  • CHARITAS ─which we have to read as CHARITY─.

Singularly, from the semi-obscure side of this great architectural piece other words appear and they are the following:

  • SUPERBIA ─alluding to ARROGANCE─.

What did the creator of this engraving want to tell us with these words or phrases? Well, quite simply, that only by means of CONSCIOUS FAITH can we have the HOPE of reaching true ENLIGHTENMENT. And this leads us to a Gnostic sentence that reminds us:  “To reach wisdom we must be humble and after attaining it we must be even more humble…”. That is why we are invited to exercise CHARITY toward our fellow men. The truth is never revealed to the VAIN, PROUD, CONCEITED, MYTHOMANIACS, MEGALOMANIACS and DESPOTS. Moving away from ARROGANCE and CONCEITEDNESS will one day allow us to know how to love our fellow men as ourselves.

For that very reason we must never be ARROGANT or fall into CONCUPISCENCE, which are nothing but evil qualities that prevent the grasping of eternal truths. The expression of our BEING in us terribly rejects both of these sinister qualities.

Where the old men who study a kind of parchment are gathered, we see a candle on a large stone, and on it another enigmatic phrase written in Latin is glimpsed. Such a phrase tells us: “Altum Volt Sophia”. Translation:  ‘Sophia –wisdom– always wants the height’.

And it is so that authentic wisdom comes from above, that is to say, it always comes from our divine Spirit that has always been indicated by fire, and in this case by the light that this candle gives off. It is interesting to note that fire is the only element that always wants to propagate upward, never downward.

The obelisk: Lux, Vita, Amor, Veritas

At the tip of this obelisk we also observe some words written in Latin that tell us:  “LUX, VITA, AMOR ET VERITAS”, all of which must be translated as “Light, Life, Love and Truth”. These qualities are attributes of the Creator, of our BEING, for it is He who gives us His light, strength to live and love ─consciously─ when we eliminate from our nature the unpleasant ANIMAL EGO, and all this leads us to the Kingdom of the Truth.

In the background of our engraving we can glimpse a kind of hermitage or church that has to be taken as the philosophical abode of our Being.

I want to close these explanations by offering you some interesting phrases:

“Humility and modesty are the rarest gifts of the good and inexhaustible Nature.”

“Life is a long lesson in humility.”

“The best grave is the most modest one.”

“The higher we are, the more we must lower ourselves to our inferiors.”

─’Woe to me, wretch!’ ─.