Jesus and Moses, Misterium Magnum, Jacob Böhme

Jesus and Moses 

Jesus and Moses  850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Very endearing readers:

I approach all of you to send you a Gnostic description of the present engraving that corresponds to a book called MISTERIUM MAGNUM and which refers to…


Jesus and Moses, Misterium Magnum, Jacob Böhme

The engraving appears in a 1682 edition that brings together some works written by the German mystic Jacob Böhme (1575-1624). Most likely, the engravings were made by Dionysius Andreas Freher (1649-1728), a Christian mystic and alchemist writer, famous for his extensive commentaries on Jacob Böhme. Dionysius Andreas Freher was born in Germany but spent most of his life in London, England.

We must begin by stating that this engraving masterfully illustrates two figures who left an eternal mark on the history of Christianity and original Judaism.

First of all, we are struck by the fact that we see Moses embracing a large globe representative of our world and surrounded by the twelve zodiacal signs. This is to indicate that our humanity develops under the influence of the signs of the zodiac, even though those affiliated with atheism cling to wanting to deny it. Zodiacal influences influence us for our good when they are perceived by our balanced psyche, but when they are received by our bad secretary –the “I”, the animal Ego– then they become negatively polarized in our lives, dragging us into confusion and chaos. Hence the importance of always keeping ourselves in the RIGHT WAY OF FEELING, RIGHT WAY OF THINKING AND RIGHT WAY OF ACTING. In this way we will receive impulses to continue in the search for our true identity, values and image.

The V.M. Samael, with good reason, bequeathed us his work ZODIACAL COURSE so that, certainly, we may be assisted by these sidereal influences and reach the AWAKENING OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

On the other hand, we must point out the presence of an intermediary angel located between the V.M. Aberamentho –Jesus– and Moses himself. This angel refers to the hierarchical spokespersons of angelical kind –Masters of the White Brotherhood– in charge of making the sacred teachings of the great enlightened ones circulate.

Curiously, this angel wears a tunic in which the arrival of the SALVADOR SALVANDUS in our world is detailed.

This angel lifts a veil that covered the head of the blessed Moses and from it flow rays of divine light, pointing out to us that this great BEING established with his TEN COMMANDMENTS the ethics that all those who dedicated themselves to investigating the mysteries of the Most High would follow. There is no doubt that Moses not only performed enormous wonders before the multitudes, but also paved the way for the later arrival of the Great Kabir of Galilee.

It is no exaggeration if we say that the trumpet given by the angel to Moses indicates that this great enlightened one ─Moses─ certainly blew his trumpet before the crowds in his time. Many listened to him and followed him and others obviously did not. This has always been the case, for not all of humanity is always animically prepared to receive the light.

Fire gushes out of the angel’s head and it is crowned by a divine diadem, which gives him spiritual authority to appear before the two great figures to whom we are referring since the beginning of our topic.

Above Moses’ head we see a trumpet that serves to show a banner in which the letter M appears in capital letters to make us see that it was and is a Resurrected Master, although our reader could believe that it is the two letters M indicative of the title of the work Misterium Magnum if we compare it with the other M which can be read on the banner held by the V.M. Aberamentho with his left hand and which is to be interpreted as the annunciation of the Messiah, awaited since then by the Jewish people and the pre-Christian Gnostics. The latter were able to realize that the longed-for Messiah was, indeed, the V.M. Aberamentho, and hence his crucifixion ratified him as THE SON OF GOD.

It should be noted that the angel who stands between these two divine titans carries a very peculiar key at his waist. This key alludes to the fact that, through the teachings brought to our humanity by the V.M. Aberamentho, we would have access to the superior heavens of Consciousness or the kingdom of the Father. That key is the very Arcanum A.Z.F., without which it is impossible for us to fabricate a soul and for the original sin to be erased from our animic continent…..

The angel seems to be saying to Moses, “By your message you have prepared the way so that now all the veils will be torn asunder”, for the moment has come for the MESSIANIC CHRESTOS to act.

Behind the angel begins to be seen the figure of the divine redeemer ─Jesus Christ─ who carries a bouquet of lilies in his right hand. The lily, as a flower, is the image of the three forces of creation, and for this reason many centuries later it was adopted by Christian royalty as a symbol on their flags and banners.

Jesus is surrounded by the numbers from number 1 to number 12. It is unquestionable that the number 12 is allusive to the twelve autonomous and self-conscious parts of our own Being, as our blessed Patriarch, the V.M. Samael, has informed us in his posthumous work PISTIS SOPHIA UNVEILED. Every apostle actually existed historically, but in true occultism, such apostles are within ourselves and they are linked to the power of our INTIMATE CHRIST.

It is incontestable that we must highlight the crown worn on his head by the Master of Masters. This makes him KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, for the blessed crucified One is the supreme authority of the blessed White Lodge and that is why we sometimes call him the SOLAR LOGOS… This statement has nothing to do with the Logos Michael, ruler of the king star of our solar system. Without wishing to repeat the above, we point out again the banner that the beloved Kabir of Galilee carries in his left hand so that we can identify him as the MAGISTER SUPREMUM who offered his own life in a masterful sacrifice to show us synthetically, with his own deeds, the path to follow to achieve our supreme liberation.

Jesus and Moses (detail), Jacob Böhme
Detail of our engraving.
Jesus and Moses (detail), Jacob Böhme
Another detail of our engraving.

Allow me now to leave you with a few sentences for reflection:

“It is better to be praised by the few wise than mocked by the many fools.”

“The price of things depends on their merit, never on their epithet.”

“The merit of men has its seasoning, like fruits.”
La Rochefoucauld

“A great man is not one who knows much, but one who has meditated much.”

“It is a good idea to meditate one day after you have read for an hour.”

─‘Neither rashly nor timidly─.