The work on the inferior emotions

The work on the inferior emotions 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dear readers:

I am sending you in this message the very truthful words of our Avatar about the need to do a work well directed against the “I” in order to strengthen the BEING. These words poured out here must be ANALYZED deeply so as not to do a bad inner work. We are interested in DYING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE at the psychological level, if we want to do something worthy on this hermetic path.

Understand that INFERIOR EMOTIONS are all those states of anger, revenge, jealousy, mechanical antipathy, vanity, resentments, unhealthy desires, mythomania, megalomania, misanthropy, defeatism, cynicism, betrayal, etc., etc., etc.

Without further ado, I leave you the message of the V.M. Samael


When attacks against the inferior emotional center occur, one really suffers. People who hurt us, who stab the inferior emotional center, appear on our path, we feel that they torment our heart. Of course, there is always the tendency to react against those who, in one way or another, hurt us; we have this very marked tendency to react and, if we react, the inferior emotional center is invigorated, and this is very serious!

However, this struggle against the inferior emotions has certain advantages. One of them ─and this is precisely the most important one─ is that as a result of that conflict against the emotions, against words that hurt us, our individual Being arises as a product of the struggle, of the effort.

This individual Being emerges vigorously, comes to the manifestation, and obviously unifies all our functions. Our centers, which were previously working disparately against one another, are wonderfully integrated. It is by means of that fight against the inferior emotions, and by means of those objective and essential ─not indirect nor unilateral─ super-efforts that one truly achieves the POWERFUL INDIVIDUALITY and the INTEGRATION OF THE BEING.

When quoting this phrase, “the INTEGRATION OF THE BEING”, a product of the essential efforts on oneself, we must reflect a little. Actually, our profound inner Being is not integrated; it is composed of many autonomous and self-conscious parts. […]

So, in the fight against the negative emotions, the Being emerges, the process of integration of the Being begins little by little and, in opposition, the disintegration of the Ego gets intensified until its total annihilation.

On the path of investigation, we must not forget that it is necessary to study the Being not only ─I repeat─ in the world of the 12 laws, but also in the world of the 24, in the world of the 48 and even in the world of the 96, because the Being is conditioned by the different psychic aggregates that we carry within, and this is obvious.

Once we have understood this, we also understand the need to understand others. We could not understand others, if we have not understood ourselves. […]

With the remembrance of one’s own profound inner Being, one cooperates or helps in the emergence of the individual Being in oneself. Obviously, when the Being emerges in oneself, then he balances the five centers of the organic machine: intellect, emotional center, motor center, instinctive center and sexual center. See! There comes the balance of the five centers of the machine. […]

Now, there are three purifications that are the three denials of Peter. The first purification, the First Mountain, that of Initiation; the second purification, the Second Mountain, that of Resurrection; the third purification pertains to the eight-pointed star and to the book of Job, on the summit of the Second Mountain.

I now leave you some sentences for reflection, friends:

“Life is a long lesson in humility.”

“When we are great in humility, we are close to greatness.”
Rabindranath Tagore

I am convinced that the first test of man is in humility.”

“The best tomb is the most modest one.”