One more year of the age of Aquarius

One more year of the age of Aquarius 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dearly beloved companions:

Allow me to greet you and send you a few words to commemorate…


February 4, 1962 marked a before and after in the history of the terrestrial humanity. This date said goodbye to the age of Pisces, marked by reasoning, to greet the age of Aquarius, which will be governed by INTUITION.

However, there is a gap between both regencies, because the karma caused by the abuses of the intellect in the age of Pisces is very high and we are seeing its consequences: hunger, misery, wars, human degradation, plagues, viruses, atheism, failure of philosophy, science, art and mysticism, global political confusion, egotistical economy, foul capitalism and unscrupulous communism, etc., etc., etc.

It is said that the humanity of Aquarius will conquer the Law of Gravity and then the race that will be truly human will have spaceships to travel through sidereal space. The science of Aquarius will be a SCIENCE WITH HEART, a science united to mysticism, a science led by the BEING…

In the age of Aquarius properly speaking, true man will say goodbye to wars, because the three world wars that happened in the age of Pisces will have left a very deep scar on the soul of the Earthlings and they will not want to live such hells again.

This will be possible because history will remember the Avatar of Aquarius ─V.M. Samael Aun Weor─ and his sacred teachings that will then be valued by the social masses and they will venerate the Martian Logos as the precursor of that glorious era.

In the age of Aquarius there will be NEITHER MINE NOR YOURS, for egoism will have been eradicated from the human race as a cancer of a sick person who has suffered it is eradicated. The GREAT SOLAR RELIGION will return to reign over the Earth and the multitudes will have understood what that which we call God is.

However, we repeat it again, before this happens the Earth must vomit the poisons that it has swallowed during the age of Pisces in order to digest the emanations of the constellation of the water bearer.

In the age of Aquarius, humanity will remember with amazement the evil-doings and perversities of the Aryan race: abortions, drugs, alcoholism, lesbianism, homosexualism, transvestism and the dehumanization of so many Aryan women who took a stand against motherhood and opted to murder their own progeny even before they were born. Aquarius will be ruled by sacred individuals from our own world and from other worlds, who will visit us to be the Heralds of a new Aurora.

In the age of Aquarius, the human groups that inhabit the subterranean kingdom —namely: Agarthi— will leave their sacred caverns to make alliances with the dwellers of the surface, those purified by the Holy Spirit, those who will know how to honor their Father and Mother as Moses wrote in one of his Ten Commandments.

So, eminent reader, let us work rigorously in the death of the animal Ego, let us fabricate our own soul to have a sacred individuality and let us sacrifice ourselves for our fellowmen so that we can witness this new order with which the most holy THEOMEGALOGOS will bless Creation again.

Hail the Sons of the Sun!

Hail the Holy Gods!

Hail the worshippers of Fire!

Blessed are those who love and serve you!

Hail, Hail, Hail…!


Kwen Khan Khu

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