The Holy Eight and the Sacred Order of Tibet

Practice with the Holy Eight and the Sacred Order of Tibet

Practice with the Holy Eight and the Sacred Order of Tibet 850 480 Universal

Lying in bed, before sleeping, the disciple will perform the following practice:

Put your mind in a state of stillness and silence, falling asleep thinking of the figure of the Holy Eight –the Infinite–, as shown in the attached image. Make traces on your heart according to the description above. Allow this figure to submerge in your Consciousness, then put your mind in blank without thinking of anything.

In this way, after some time, you will awaken Consciousness in that region which is called the Astral World.

The Holy 8 is a very important and interesting symbol, it encloses, defines, and links together the magnetic currents that are established between the Earthly and Spiritual Man. Such a sign joins or separates all the elements governed by atomic energy if it is traced with the middle finger, index finger, and the thumb on the surface of the Cardiac Plexus.

The disciple, momentes before lying down to perform this practice, must invoke with all his heart and all his soul the Great Regent of the Sacred Order of Tibet, Bagavan Aclaiva. This Order is the most powerful of the entire oriental tradition. It consists of 201 members, and the Higher Rank is formed by 72 Brahmans.

Bagavan Aclaiva will help you to consciously travel in the astral body. Invoke him when you are meditation with the Holy sign of the Infinite. Any given night you will be invoked from the Himalayan Temple. There you will be submitted to Seven Trials; there you will be taught the Secret Science.

Samael Aun Weor
Esoteric Course of Kabbalah, chapter 1