The eternal cosmic duality

The eternal cosmic duality

The eternal cosmic duality 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu


God is both male and female at the same time, 

Iod-Heve y Vau-Heve, 

and he gave us the free will to teach us how to differentiate. 

He created Light and Darkness; 

the day to work and the night to rest; 

heaven for the pure and hell for the impure; 

virtue for the chaste and sin for the lost; 

good for the blessed and evil for the unfortunate; 

health for a time, sickness for a time; 

joy to enjoy, sadness to endure; 

beauty to admire, ugliness to reflect upon; 

eternity for the liberated, Samsara for the slaves; 

love as perfume, hate as pestilence; 

life as a school, death to qualify us. 

We are theological binomial, made of Soul and Spirit. 

With karma we are punished, with dharma we are rewarded. 

There is the true Man and the rational animal. 

There are certain enlightened ones and many dark ones. 

The Universe has two rhythms: the Mahavan and the Chotavan. 

We live in the Cosmic Day and disappear in the Cosmic Night. 

There is the occult of the occult and the illusory or profane. 

We revere the truth and loathe the lie. 

There are times and times and half a time. 

Beyond all time the Seity has his dwelling.