Practice with the Maiden of Memories

Practice with the Maiden of Memories 850 480 Universal

The disciple must learn how to take the dear Maiden of Memories with him on his astral journeys, in order to bring the memory of what he sees and hears in the inner worlds, since she serves as a mediator between the senses of the physical brain and ultra-sensible senses of the astral body. She comes to be, if the concept fits, like the memory deposit.

In bed, at bedtime, invoke the Intimate in this way:

“My Father, you who are my true Being, I beg you with all my heart and all my soul to remove from my etheric body the Maiden of my Memories, so that I do not forget anything when I return to my body”.

Then pronounce the mantra: LAAAAA, RRRRRAAAA, SSSSSSS, and fall asleep.

Give the letter S a high-pitched whistling sound similar to that produced by air brakes. When the disciple is between wakefulness and sleep, he will get up from his bed and go out of his room toward the Gnostic Church. This order should be taken as it is, with certainty and faith, since it is real and not fictitious; there are no mentalisms or suggestions in it. Get out of bed carefully so as not to wake up, and leave the room walking with total naturalness, as one does daily to go to work. Before going out, jump with the intention of floating, and if you float, go to the Gnostic Church or to the house of the sick person that needs to be cured. But if when you take the little jump you do not float, return to your bed and repeat the experiment.

Do not worry about the physical body during this practice. Let nature work and do not hesitate because then the effect is lost.

Samael Aun Weor
Treatise of Occult Medicine and Practical Magic, chapter “The Five Causes of Illness”