Meditation to Expand the Consciousness

Meditation to Expand the Consciousness 850 480 Universal
Relax your whole body, calm your mind for a few minutes and calm down completely. When you have achieved this, expand your consciousness from the inside outwards. See that it expands upwards, downwards, sideways, always surrounding your body. See the color of your shirt, your tie, your suit and your shoes. Make sure that your body is relaxed and immobile. Observe the orientation of your room, the furniture, the paintings. Identify with everything before encompassing the streets of the entire city where you live. Identify with them, feel the passing of the vehicles and, in this way, expand more and more your Consciousness until it encompasses the entire Earth. Then encompass the limitless space where the suns and sidereal worlds move. This exercise should last one hour and be made everyday for thirty days except Sundays.

Samael Aun Weor
Aztec Christic Magic, chapter 17