Avditvs ─‘the hearing’─

Avditvs ─‘the hearing’─ 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dearest friends:

Continuing with the description of the engravings that show us the material and spiritual importance of our five senses, I am pleased to send you now this other image of the artist Adriaen Collaert. It is entitled…


Adriaen Collaert: Avditvs ─‘the hearing’─
Adriaen Collaert: Avditvs ─‘the hearing’─

To enter into the subject matter, I have to tell you that on this occasion the artist wanted to refer to the auditory faculty, once again indicated as a human quality and therefore represented in the form of a beautiful woman.

This lady is seated at the foot of a tree playing a lute, an ancient musical instrument that was used to harmonize meetings in sacred places or on princely festivities. The lady has at her feet other stringed instruments such as a violin, another smaller violin, a lyre and with her right foot she touches a cubic stone. That stone represents the Philosopher’s Stone so coveted by the artists of the Middle Ages as well as by esotericist philosophers.

It is curious to see on one side of the woman a deer or hart, which seems to enjoy the music. Such a deer appears with its horns that are typical of its nature. Likewise, also very close to the lady we see a lizard, a tiny animal that the alchemists called salamander and about which the Adept Fulcanelli speaks profoundly in his magnum opus The dwellings of the philosopher

The presence of these small animals reminds us of that phrase that emphasizes that music appeases even animals. This puts us in touch with the myth of Orpheus, who with his lyre went down to hell to rescue his beloved Eurydice and he conjured all danger with the use of his lyre. Undoubtedly, in this case the lyre appears associated with the golden verb of the self-realized Adepts, who through the use of the sacred language open all the portals and remove all the dangers that oppose their journey.

In the background, on both sides of this engraving, we see two biblical scenes. One shows us John the Baptist in one of his sermons, exhorting people to seek the kingdom of the heavens. His followers are listening to him on their knees, giving him the importance that surrounds the words of the great Initiate. However, the high priests who did not accept the renewing doctrine that John taught about the coming of the V.M. Aberamentho are standing….

Also, among these people are the Roman soldiers who closely monitored the actions of the great Adept by order of Pontius Pilate.

On the other side we see Adam and Eve expelled from the earthly paradise and also recriminated by a solar Adept.

Let us not forget that when the human race lost its Sacred Fires it was indeed expelled from the realm of Consciousness and divorced itself from the sacred language, remaining trapped in the Tower of Babel in which the social masses of our day are.

Behind the Edenic couple we can observe two trees: the tree of the tree of knowledge of good and evil ─sexuality─ and the tree of life ─the Being─.

At the bottom of this artistic work appear some phrases written in Latin and which are the following:

“Avdibus erectis avditv cervus acute.  Naturae munus convenienter habet.  Divinis homo sic modulis accommodet aures.  Ut recreet verbis mentem animumque sacris.”


‘The deer with straight ears, with sharp hearing, conveniently has a gift of nature.  Let man, so fix his ears to the divine rhythms, to revive the mind and soul with sacred words.’

This phrase unveiled above invites us to KNOW HOW TO LISTEN, something very indispensable for living the Secret Path. Learning to die psychologically we listen to the divine words of the BEING and the Consciousness, all of which will result in benefits for our mind and our soul. This is how we will acquire the gift of the sacred language.

I leave you some sentences for your reflection:

“When all that we have of morality is clothed with immortality, we shall better feel the dignity of our soul and the eminence of its qualities; we will then know what a spirit is.”
Ruben Dario

“Heart and spirit are the two plates in a balance. Immerse your spirit in study and your heart will rise to heaven.”
Victor Hugo

“If the doors of perception were cleaned everything would be seen as it is: infinite.”

“Who can be puffed up with the praise he receives when Homer sang to frogs and mice, Virgil to the blowfly, Glaucus to injustice, Favorinus to the quartanas and Lucian to the ass?”

“There is something closer to us than writing, namely: the Word of the heart from which all scriptures proceed.”
William Penn

─’God wills it’─.