Why do symbols exist?

Why do symbols exist?

Why do symbols exist? 850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dear readers:

I approach you on this occasion to try to solve the question…


First of all we must know that there is the exterior or three-dimensional world and the inner world or hyperdimensional space. The three-dimensional world has been called the Euclidean world because it is delimited by three dimensions, namely: LENGTH, WIDTH and HEIGHT. However, physics has already proven the existence of parallel universes, and that means that we, the humanoids of Earth, are not locked into this three-dimensional dogma.

To move in this three-dimensional world we need symbols in the streets, such as those of transit: one symbol that indicates that we must turn right or left, another symbol that warns us not to approach a certain place marked with a skull and a few words: “High voltage, danger!”, etc., etc., etc. This happens in the three-dimensional physical world.

However, to move correctly in what is known as the superior dimensions of space it is necessary to know other symbols that belong to what is known as hermetic symbology. That is why there are triangles made up of a square and a compass, an “eye” full of reliefs around it, two tibias and a skull, a star around which we read the sacred word TETRAGRÁMMATON, etc., etc., etc.

All these symbologies try to summarize enormous discourses about the divine nature or the metaphysical nature that is beyond our three-dimensional eyes. It is unquestionable that the discourse about what escapes our physical senses would be very long and therefore it is easier to summarize it in a symbol. In these cases, the symbol must be interpreted, not with the intellect, but with the faculty of intuition.

For the person who only lives embedded within the things of three-dimensional life, all these symbols MEAN NOTHING because his life takes place in the trivialities of each day, namely: sleeping, eating, working and going back to sleep again…   In short: a vicious circle.

But for those souls who seek to enter into the unknown universe of what is metaphysical, hermetic symbols are precious jewels that act as guiding compasses of the steps to follow in the journey we call hermetic

Why do symbols exist?

There, in hyperspace, there is another language, and the more we ascend from dimension to dimension that language becomes more and more incomprehensible to the intellect of the three-brained biped mistakenly called MAN…

As the disciple of the path goes deeper into the hermetic labyrinths, more and more intuitional development will be demanded from him in order to interpret kabbalistic phrases, hermetic symbols, words of divine language, etc., etc., etc. Thus, for example, in the divine language the word vertebra is pronounced pitres, and likewise the word canchorrita will mean ‘food’, ‘provisions’, etc., etc., etc.

Thus, they are two different worlds: the three-dimensional world and the superior worlds of Consciousness, each of these worlds with its own verbal language or its own symbol-based language.

On one occasion an Initiate who had finished the Great Inner Work was shown the Star of David made of straw. And why of straw? Answer: because he had made the path through the Dry Path.

Another Adept had seen in the inner worlds a cave inside which was a Christmas tree. However, this Christmas tree collapsed and fell to the floor of that cave. Conclusion: that cave was the inner world of that Adept and his Christmas tree had been shattered because the inner work he carried out with his wife was not adequate. In short: FAILURE.

The Apocalypse, the Book of Revelation written by John of Patmos, is full of extraordinary symbols related to the end of humanity, and also to the end of the Beast that we all carry within us and whose number is 666… This book, highly symbolic, incites us to two things: either we provoke the apocalypse within us through the death of the “I” or we will perish like the entire humanity by the action of the unleashed four elements of Nature

That is why it is so important to develop the technique of meditation to get closer every day to our BEING and receive His emanations to help us decipher these encrypted messages that we receive during dreams in the inner worlds. And, likewise, it is important to develop the INTUITION so as not to be overshadowed by the enigmas presented to us, in a given moment, by a series of symbols that want to tell us about our spiritual progress. WATCH OUT BECAUSE THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

Many mantras that we Gnostics pronounce belong to the divine language. Unfortunately, many devotees of Gnosis pronounce them without even knowing what they mean internally. They only see the results by the effectiveness of the mantra itself, but they do not know the reason for that effectiveness.

The word: TETRAGRAMMATON belongs to the divine language and means ‘THE FOUR SYLLABLES THAT DEFINE GOD’, namely:

  • TETRA means four’.
  • GRAMMA: ‘syllables’.
  • TON is a variant of THEON, which is also a variant of THEOS, which means ‘GOD’.

And what are those four syllables that define God? Answer: IOD-HE-VAU-HE, which is to be translated as JEHOVAH

There would be, friends, hundreds and hundreds of sacred words related to the Hermetic language and Hermetic symbols. It is necessary to AWAKEN OUR CONSCIOUSNESS to get to know them all.

The very words KLIM, KRISHNAYA, GOVINDAYA, GOPIJANA-VALLABHAYA, SWAHA, belong to the Upanishads, yet their true origin is divine. Such words, spoken with profound respect and veneration, form above us, in hyperspace, a Flaming Star that has the capacity to protect us from the forces of darkness or dark forces.

So, dear reader, the same can be said of our sacred precincts in which we celebrate our ceremonials. Everything that is in those precincts belongs to the world of divine archetypes, and therefore our psychological behavior must be correct 24 hours a day so that we are received in those precincts with the effluvia that we attract with the celebration of our activities in them.

I now add for you a few sentences for reflection:

“The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death.”
Oscar Wilde

“Thinking is a mystery, speaking is a mystery, man is an abyss.”

“Mystery besieges us and it is precisely what we see and do every day that hides the greatest sum of mysteries.”

“Man’s chief disease is restless curiosity about things he cannot know.”

─‘Variety in concord’─.