The power of truth

The power of truth 

The power of truth  850 480 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

Dearest readers:

It gives me great pleasure to send you this engraving entitled…


The power of truth
The power of truth – Harvard Museum

I have already told you in other messages and poems that the truth is the BEING Himself. It is obvious that, since the BEING IS IMMUTABLE AND OMNISCIENT, He has unimaginable power. Such is the power of truth

The image of truth is shown to us half-naked to indicate that it is shocking, raw and truthful.

She, the truth, holds in her right hand a scale that indicates that she is equity, equanimity, balance, and her judgments are fruits of the light or enlightenment symbolized in the candle that serves as the handle of the scale itself.

In her other hand, the Goddess of Truth carries a huge book in which is read in Latin “ego sum via, veritas et vita”. Translation: ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life’ ─John, ch. 14─. Certainly, she, the truth, is the very foundation of our own BEING.

The book she holds in her left hand has a kind of seven scapulars or seals. These are the seven apocalyptic seals we must open in our occult anatomy. Let us remember that the famous Apocalypse has two interpretations: one external and the other internal. The external one refers to the seven great calamities that will strike our race in the midst of a horrific Armageddon. The internal one is to be consummated within us with the death of the animal Ego and its mother, the Beast, whose number is 666. Obviously, this work, as we know, is for the few, because not everyone wants to take the risk of taking the alchemical Direct Path

It is important to note that the Goddess of Truth has her left foot resting on a globe, inside of which there is a king who is wielding a sword, a woman who is holding a child in her arms, and a man who is being kicked by the king. What is all this? ANSWER: The crowned king represents the lineage of the Initiates, the crowned child is the intimate Christ of each person, and the woman who holds him is the particular Divine Mother of each one of us. The man who is seen kicked on the ground and who with one of his hands grasps an amphora and next to him is seen a spilled cup, symbolizes the fornicating humanity, the failed humanity, those who do not love the truth –namely: the BEING–.

As we can see, the truth is breaking through in the midst of all sides, the sides of light and the sides of darkness. That is why in the background, to the left of the truth, we see humanity resurrect from the dead. That is the humanity that has awakened Consciousness and leaves its egoic tombs to recognize the Messiah, the Cosmic Christ. The Cosmic Christ is seated on a rainbow, symbol of the covenant between God and men. The angels blow their trumpets alluding to the messengers, Avatars, etc., etc., who preceded the Lord of Perfections. Those will be the souls who will find their own redemption, their own salvation.

To the right of the image of truth, on the other hand, we see angels fighting lost souls, turned into demons and being thrown into the flames of the atomic hells of Nature. That is the fate of all those men and women who do not want to work on themselves and who, having forgotten the BEING, have no other way than the tartarus of the Greeks, the avernus of the Romans or the avitchi of the Hindustanis…..

At the bottom of this wonderful engraving we find some phrases in Latin that I present below:

“Sed mala vina, malus rex est, mala foemina tandemque intereunt, solique manet victoria vero. Proditur illius fallacia lumine: duratque aeternum, iusta compensans omnia lance, quis verum non suspiret, cui caelica plaudunt agmina, et immensi gratatur machina mundi.”

Translation: ‘But [they are] bad wines, he is a bad king [and she is] a bad woman, and at last they are lost, and victory is destined only for the truth. Their deception is discovered by the light and lasts forever. But someone who does not grieve repays all righteous things with a spear, someone whom the heavenly hosts praise [for whom] the machinery of the immense Universe rejoices.’

The above words warn us not to drink the wine of deceit, of lies, whether we are men or women, because in the end we will be condemned to perdition. Victory will always be destined for the truth. However, whether we like it or not, the spear of the Eternal will compensate all things, for the heavenly hosts praise the Eternal, and this brings joy to the machinery of this immense Universe.

Likewise, dear friends, we can see within the flames of the lit candle held by the woman, representative of the truth, has some words written in Aramaic and that, translated, tell us YESHUA.

The name of the Christ Yeshua in Aramaic
The name of the Christ Yeshua in Aramaic

Undoubtedly, YESHUA is a word that reminds us of the intimate Christ, the Cosmic Christ and the V.M. Aberamentho. No doubt, this means that only the Christ is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD, the truth itself.

Allow me now to give you a few opportune sentences to reflect on:

“Truth is like storms, when it comes it wreaks havoc.”
Samael Aun Weor

“The truth of children is angelic, the truth of the old is divine.”
Carmen Silva

“No one faces unpleasant truths until they are in a position to overcome them.”
Bernard Shaw

“Man does not live by bread but by truth.”

“Truth is the child of time, not of authority.”

─‘To be rather than to seem’─.