The Hermetic Seal

The Hermetic Seal 850 480 Universal

There is no doubt that we always live identifying ourselves with useless things and facts.
We let our psychic energy get sucked out! What would we look like? I say perhaps a colander full of holes –those used to brew coffee– and of course, as usual, that’s where the energy escapes, that’s where everything escapes, we lose it, and the poor colander is left empty. The environment sucks up our own energies and we don’t accumulate them, and even though we work in these conditions in the Ninth Sphere, in the Fiery Forge of Vulcan, it is obvious that we don’t manage, in that form and in that fashion, to create the second body, much less the third or fourth.
In order to create the second body, we need to learn to seal ourselves hermetically, magically. What is meant by the Hermetic Seal? To not allow our energy to be sucked out, not to forget ourselves ever, ever, at any second, at any minute, so as not to identify ourselves with the trivialities, with the nonsense of this illusory world.
Obviously, if our vital energy cannot be extracted from us, this energy accumulates inside, and as a result the second body emerges: the astral body. But if we allow the whole mercury of the Secret Philosophy to be extracted by people living in this three-dimensional world of Euclid, then with what element shall we manufacture the second, or third, or fourth body?
Every morning, one should seal oneself hermetically: “I do only what the Being wants me to do, not what others want me to do; I am not going to identify myself with anything in life…” Because when one identifies with something, he becomes an automaton.
If one identifies with his own mind, with his own morbid thoughts, he ends up adulterating and fornicating; if one identifies, unfortunately, with his negative emotions, he ends up losing creative energy by the ton; if one identifies with words, like the rude and dirty words of someone, of course one ends up speaking nonsense.
I repeat, we should seal ourselves every morning, and the seal should be constant: not to identify with anything that is not the Being, not to forget our Being, never ever, never ever, because the Being is what counts, is what is fundamental…

Samael Aun Weor
The Fifth Gospel, lecture “The Seven Fires and the Seal of Hermes”