Hindu Imagination Practice for the Annihilation of the “I”

Hindu Imagination Practice for the Annihilation of the “I” 850 480 Universal
In the name of the one hundred thousand virgins of the ineffable mystery that is hidden in the depths of all ages, it is now important to talk a little about the famous Hindustani Papapurusha (the ‘I’). The old hermits from the sacred land of the Ganges have the custom of mentally visualizing it in the left side of the cavity of the stomach, having the size of the thumb. They imagine it with a fierce aspect, its eyes and beard a red color, holding a sword and shield with a furrowed brow, a symbolical figure of all our psychological defects… When the anchorite elders chant their sacred mantras and concentrate themselves ecstatically in the region of their navel, it is a mystical, unforgettable moment of exotic, oriental beatitude… In those delectable moments of unsuspected joy, the yogi must think in the Papapurusha, imagining it being reduced to ashes within the crackling fire. Tears of profound repentance for the deeds committed in ancient times fall from the eyes of the penitent one, who in holy silence beseeches his Divine Mother Kundalini to eliminate this or that psychological defect from his interior.

Samael Aun Weor
Parsifal Unveiled, chapter 21