The sense of taste, Adriaen Collaert

The sense of taste

The sense of taste 1142 942 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

The present artistic work is in direct relation to one of the five senses of our organic machine. First we see in it a beautiful lady who carries in her right hand the horn of the goddess Amalthea, which means material or spiritual abundance.

The sense of touch

The sense of touch

The sense of touch 1181 989 V.M. Kwen Khan Khu

In the main scene we can see a lady reclining on the tree of life ─the BEING─ and pointing with her right hand to a spider’s web, while with her left she holds a bird. This lady is sitting on a rock representative of the stone of stumbling and rock of scandal ─sexuality─ as Saint Paul so well described it.