Mantra “PROWEOA” and the Quetzal Bird

Mantra “PROWEOA” and the Quetzal Bird 850 480 Universal
Sitting on a comfortable armchair or lying down in dorsal decubitus, the disciple must quiet his mind and emotions. Now imagine the wonderful Quetzal floating over his head. Mentally vocalize the mantra of power PROWEOA. With this mantra you will attract to your imagination the divine image of the Quetzal, a splendid bird with a beautiful plume and long tail. The disciple should become familiar with this bird and learn how to work with it; with it he can awaken his inner powers. The mantra PROWEOA, widely used by schools of the Great Golden Chain, enables us to bring to the conscious imagination any image of the higher worlds; then we see clairvoyantly. The alchemist should use this mantra during the trance of Sexual Magic to see the Quetzal.

Samael Aun Weor
Esoteric Course of Kabbalah, chapter 11