Developing the Intelligence

Developing the Intelligence 850 480 Universal
The student should sit in a comfortable position. He will concentrate with all his soul in his heart and will ask his Being to come closer to him and to assist him in this practice. He will invoke him by pronouncing the mantra OM for about 15 minutes, like this: OOOOOMMMMM… Then he will ask the Father to work intensely on his brain and to activate his intelligence. The mantras that amplify intelligence are as follows: AUM A RA VA SA MA DI DI DI DI DI. These mantras are pronounced by prolonging the sound of each vowel, one inhalation for each syllable. After having pronounced this mantra enough times to remain in a state of peace and lassitude, the student will remain in profound silence, letting the mantra have the desired effect on his brain. Then, he will thank the Father for his presence and for his constant help.

Samael Aun Weor
Former Diffusor’s Manual