Astral Practice with Philip

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Philip, the Apostle of Jesus, exists within us, here and now.

Philip assists the invoker and takes him out in the astral body.

Usually such invokers receive multiple benefits.

These types of invocations are made by surrendering to normal sleep.

Philip can also take the invoker with his physical body and in Jinn state.

“To the heavens, Philip”, is the key to invocation. Repeat this phrase thousands of times.

If one wants to take the physical body, one is asked to serve Philip. If you want to take only the astral body, one begs the service of Philip. You speak to Philip, you beg Philip.

To go out in the astral requires some sleep. To carry the physical body in Jinn state, you need less sleep and a lot of faith.

The reader must study our Yellow Book.

One is the historic Philip, the other is the intimate Philip; each one of us has his own Philip.

The twelve Apostles are the twelve Powers within us.

The twelve Apostles are the twelve parts of our own Being.

We repeat this for the sake of our devotees.

Samael Aun Weor
Pistis Sophia Unveiled, chapter 42