Meditation on Ursa Major

Meditation on Ursa Major 850 480 Universal

Ancient men grew spiritually under the influence of Ursa Major, and if students want to awaken Consciousness, they must meditate intensely on Ursa Major. That constellation radiates powerful…

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Meditation with Devata Ganesha

Meditation with Devata Ganesha 850 480 Universal

The Hindus worship the forces of the Holy Spirit under the form of the divine Elephant, which they call Devata Ganesha –the Elemental Mage–.
The Gnostic student can meditate on the ineffabl…

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Práctica con el Santo Ocho y la Orden Sagrada del Tíbet

Práctica con el Santo Ocho y la Orden Sagrada del Tíbet 850 480 Universal

Acostado en su cama, antes de dormir, el discípulo realizará la siguiente práctica:
Poner la mente quieta y en silencio, adormecerse pensando en la figura del santo 8 –infinito–, hacer trazo…

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Developing Clairaudience

Developing Clairaudience 850 480 Universal

There are very powerful mantras to develop the magic hearing and acquire clairaudience: AUM CHIVA TUN E.
AUM is vocalized in this way: open the mouth wide to pronounce the A, then round it…

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